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Top 40 Bill Johnson Quotes (part 2/2)

In the last post we've covered 20 quotes from Bill Johnson about Mind Renewal, Kingdom Living and Representing God. The next 20 quotes are on: Identity, God's Sovereignty and Grace. Identity “Transformed people transform cities.” “If its true that the value of something is measured by what someone will pay for it, then we need to … [Read more...]

Top 40 Bill Johnson Quotes (part 1/2)

I love quotes. A few words can capture an ocean of truth. Bill Johnson is the senior pastor of the Bethel Church (Redding, California). He is a gifted speaker who weighs his words carefully. And the way he expresses Bible truth resonates with many. He is also known for his many one-liners and quotes. I made a top 40 selection out of a total … [Read more...]

How to Operate in God’s Power: Interview with Ronald Plat

You don't need to be a superstar Christian to operate in God's power! It is the right and privilege of every believer (Matt. 10:7-8). However, it's one thing to read in the Word that we can do the same works as Jesus and greater (John 14:12). It's another thing to actually do what is written in the Word and see the same miraculous results like … [Read more...]

How to End Your Struggle With Faith

A common misbelieve is that we, as believers, need more faith. The idea is that some people have a little bit of faith, while others have much faith. The result is that we spend a lot of time and energy asking for faith or for more faith. You don't have a faith problem The Bible says that every born again Christian has the same quality and … [Read more...]

3 Short Healing Testimonies on Video

We take Jesus' command “Go, heal the sick” at face value (Matt. 10:8). We're not left empty-handed to do what He told us to do. He gave us His own authority and power to heal the sick and deliver the oppressed. Laying hands on the sick is like putting jumper cables on a cars battery that needs a boost. Healing the sick is about allowing … [Read more...]

You Don’t Need to Be a Superstar Christian to Heal the Sick

You don't need to be a superstar Christian to heal the sick! It is the right and privilege of every believer. You might not have been trained how to heal people in Jesus' Name or maybe never laid hands on people and see them set free but that doesn’t mean you don't have to act on the Words of Jesus: “Go, heal the sick” (Matt.10:8). Doing the … [Read more...]

101 Reasons to go Wild with Your Untamed New Lover and Dump (the effects of) Your Outdated Demanding Husband (part 1/4)

Do you know why the Gospel is such outrageously Good News? It is not the hope of becoming clean, holy, righteous and Christlike It is not the hope of getting closer to God It is not the hope of trying to obtain more spiritual things It is not the hope that God will open the heavens to come down and bring revival  What makes the … [Read more...]