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What Does Fasting Look Like Under Grace? And Should You Do It? (part 1/2)

Since many of you have voted to hear more on the subject "fasting," plus the fact that many believers fast for extended amount of times in the beginning of each year, I've put this (and the next) blog post together. What I share is how I've come to see the role of fasting in our lives. We might differ in our views, that's totally fine. I would … [Read more...]

A Mistake You Don’t Want to Make: Putting God First Place in Your Life (part1/6)

God does NOT want to be first place in your life! Like every lie, it always sounds so deceptively correct. After all, it sounds like it should be a “good Christian” thing to do right? If God is first place in your life then you're doing something right - you're putting Him above all else. He is first, then your family, then work, then everything … [Read more...]

25 Simple Comparisons Between Law and Grace to Ensure Your Freedom (part 2/4)

It is for freedom Christ has set you free (Gal. 5:1)!   In this video I share the next 25 simple comparisons between a law and grace mindset to help you rightly divide God's Word and experience true freedom. Again, the law tells you what to do (demands), while grace tells us what God has done (supplies). … [Read more...]

Sufficient Love

Here's another guest post. Have a look at what we're looking for if you are interested of sharing your words with the world via   My name is Dominique Nok-Doesburg, I am 36 years old and the proud wife of Stan and mother of Lisa and Zoey. I was born in Surinam and raised in Amsterdam. At the moment we enjoy living in … [Read more...]

What You Might Never Hear in Church About Intimacy with God (part 4/4)

Picture three identical people in a row. It's like seeing triplets. They have the same looks, the same expressions, and even speak the same words together with the same intervals and tone. All three open their mouths simultaneously, and even though they all speak at the same time, a harmonious symphony of one crystal clear voice is conveyed. I tell … [Read more...]

Astounding Truth About Your Relationship with God Unveiled (part 3/4)

Let's start with a radical statement: you don't have a relationship with the Father! Imagine that a rich, royal relative of yours died. He left a jaw-dropping inheritance and even though you’re not a blood-relative, you are in his will to inherit his world wide estate. Everything that was his is now yours, including to be forever adopted in … [Read more...]

You Are in an Unbroken And Perfect Relationship With Your Father! (part 2/4)

In the last post we’ve seen that you can have confidence and peace in your relationship with your Papa because your relationship with Him is based on Jesus' relationship with the Father. We’ve asked the question: does Jesus ever worry whether or not He and His Father are still OK in their relationship with one another or if something might … [Read more...]