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What is the Unforgivable Sin? And Have You Blasphemed Against the Holy Spirit? (part 2/2)

This is part 2 on "The Unforgivable Sin." To read part 1 click here. In part 1 we've concluded that the singular sin the Holy Spirit convicts unbelievers of is the sin of not believing in Jesus. Unbelief in Jesus Christ is the only sin that Jesus couldn't die for. This is the only sin God can't forgive. A person has to believe in Jesus to … [Read more...]

What is the Unforgivable Sin? And Have You Blasphemed Against the Holy Spirit? (part 1/2)

Do you know how you can effectively create heaps of fear among believers? Tell them there's a sin that can't be forgiven! As a result, people will live their entire lives thinking they are cursed because they, or their parents, might have commited the “unforgivable sin.” Misunderstanding about the sin that can't be forgiven has caused much … [Read more...]

Crystal Clear New Covenant Grace: Book Review “The Gospel in Ten Words”

  The Gospel is the revelation of God's love through Jesus Christ. Most people, including Christians, haven't heard the Gospel. That's why Paul Ellis wrote The Gospel in Ten Words. Why am I convinced that most people don't know the gospel? Because they have no joy...those who receive the gospel ought to be the happiest, most joyful … [Read more...]

There’s nothing for me to do. He has done it all!

If someone makes a very unkind remark about you in your presence, how do you meet the situation? You compress your lips, clench your teeth, swallow hard, and take a firm grip upon yourself; and if with a great effort you manage to suppress all sign of resentment and be reasonably polite in return, you feel you have gained a great victory. But the … [Read more...]

25 Simple Comparisons Between Law and Grace to Ensure Your Freedom (part1/4)

With the last post we've kicked off a series called "101 reasons to go wild with your untamed new lover and dump (the effects) of your outdated demanding husband." Why is the Gospel such outrageously Good News? In short, it is the almost to-good-to-be-true news that Jesus Christ has truly done a PERFECT and COMPLETE job on the cross. So … [Read more...]

The Real Reason Why Jesus Died

Here we have the very first guest post on! Hein Middelhoven is a friend who lives and writes from a place of having a clear understanding of God's unconditional love and grace. If you want to write a guest post click here for what we're looking for. ................ The first Bible-verse I got to learn by heart was … [Read more...]