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"Discover Your Radical Freedom" Course

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  • Flow in the unforced rhythms of grace producing much fruit without striving
  • Discover that God's unconditional love is really un-conditional
  • Experience freedom from fear, guilt and condemnation
  • Learn how to see in the spirit with eyes of your supernatural reborn man
  • Experience the sweet presence of God in a deeper way than you ever have before
  • Do more and sweat less by living a grace-filled life
  • Feel content and confident all day, every day
  • Live a stress-free, fulfilled and happy life - a life with Jesus in the center

Here's why you should trust me!

I am Bas Rijksen, and yes, I'm just like you - but as you may know I'm an international speaker and teacher.

My mission is to help people walk in fulness of identity and power so they can live in joyful freedom and fulfill their dreams with passion.

By utilizing my teaching gift, I've learned how to help people see their true identity so they can enjoy their radical freedom in Christ and live a satisfied, grace-filled life.

Over the last 10 years, I've personally trained 11,534 people in 26 countries. And every month there are a few thousand people who partake in my online teaching resources.

I'm thrilled to offer this life-transforming course to you. There's also a Group License available, see the FAQ below. I'm looking foward to seeing your life being enriched!

Real success stories, from real people!

Here are 5 reasons that make this the best thing ever!

  • Flow in the unforced rhythms of grace

    Are you flowing in the unforced rhythms of grace producing much fruit without striving? Experience first hand the difference between “window shopping” the promises and “mirror-gazing” the truth. God wants you to experience Him as a soothing rhytm of grace. He just wants you to enjoy Him, knowing that everything else in your life will flow out of that.

  • Discover a new perspective on your life

    The only way for you to live a grace-filled life is to change the natural view of your Christian life into a supernatural one. This course helps you to brigde the gulf between earthly thinking and heavenly thinking. You start to see your life from heaven’s perspective and as a result operate in heavenly realities and daily supernatural experiences.

  • Do more and sweat less by living a grace-filled life

    What if Christianity were less about doing and more about being? You’ll learn how to make Grace work in your life. This course empowers you to live out of the truth of who God now says you are – allowing Jesus to lead you into rest and victorious, abundant living.

  • Experience intimacy with God every day of your life

    Do you want to experience the sweet presence of God in a deeper way than you ever have before? Dazzle yourself with the love of your Father as you discover the radical nature of His unconditional love. Explore the dephts of grace poured out on the cross and you’ll start living in the freedom and victory that God has for you!

  • Live a stress-free, fulfilled and happy life - a life with Jesus in the center

    With clear and simple explanations, this course will help you turn toward the love affair with God you were created for…as a relationship in which you exchange fear and obligation for delight and desire. Viewing your status as a new creation as the “new normal” – and live a remarkable life with Christ in the center.

Step into the wide open spaces of God's grace and slam the door into religion's face!

Real success stories, from real people!

Here's what is included in this stunning course!

The Ultimate Teaching Series That Make The Gospel Ridiculously Simple And Profoundly Uncomplicated

  • High Quality

    The course is made up of 55 high quality video teachings. The videos are saved on a server near by your house so you have fast streaming. The course is accessable everywhere in the world.

  • Transformational Truth

    Each video contains easily digestible lessons with transformational truth and have an average length of 30 minutes. Plus, there is an introduction video and a video with concluding thoughts.

  • Video & Audio

    All the videos are also available as audio messages so you can either watch the videos or listen to the audio. Both the MP4 Video + MP3 Audio are downloadable unto your computer.

  • Immediate Access

    The course is a digital product, and not a physical product, giving you immediate access to the content via an online membership area. Under each video there’s a comment section. This is the place where you can share your thoughts, ask questions or respond to other people’s comments.

  • Your Own Pace

    You can watch the teachings when you want and wherever you want because not only do you have 24/7 access to this membership area it is also mobile compatible. And you have lifetime access so that you can digest the course at your own pace any time you wish.


Start Living Like It's Too Good To Be True! Because You Are Worth It!

$97  Just $39 Today

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And that's not'll also get...

  • Each lesson comes with an eBook in the form of a Slide Deck
  • Full transcript available of each training video
  • Save a ton of time writing
  • Easy access under each video in the resource section
  • Downloadable as a pdf unto your smart device or computer
  • Ability to read along with the teachings and make personal notes

100% Risk FREE - you have nothing to lose!

Bas Rijksen ,

I'm 100% confident that you are going to be completely satisfied with this course. If  for any reason you’re not happy, I stand by my full 90 days money back guarantee.

Learn more in a few weeks about Grace-filled living than most Christians learn in a lifetime!

Get started today - here is what you get:

  • Immediate access to the content via an online membership area
  • More then 1680 minutes of transformational truth
  • MP4 Video + MP3 Audio - both downloadable unto your computer
  • Lifetime access to digest the course at your own pace any time you wish
  • A bunch of surprise bonuses
  • Direct access to Bas and other members via the comment section underneath the videos

PLUS - these amazing bonuses:

  • Two videos on how to enjoy reading the Bible without confusion
  • A video that reveals what it means to be in the right with God
  • Two videos explaining how you can live a fruitful life
  • An e-Book by each training video with the script of all the teachings
Jeffrey Dunnage

I am a critical, cynical, and hard to please case, but Bas has it all. Brilliant teacher and super articulate attention holder. The more I learn from him the lighter I get.

Jeffrey Dunnage, United Kingdom
Jeroen van Leeuwen

I’ve heard many times about the importance of Jesus’ work on the cross, but now I really understand it in my heart and not just with my head. It was like, “Wow, I get.”

Jeroen van Leeuwen , The Netherlands

$97  Just $39 Today

You are protected by my 100% money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Why is there a one-time charge for this course?

    A.There is a one-time charge because it requires money to create the course, to host the videos, and many hours of labor over several months.

    And, Michelle and I are missionaries who fully rely on financial donations in order to eat, clothe ourselves and pay the bills.

    So with your purchase you’ll be supporting a missionary family and their work in sharing the Gospel worldwide!

  • Q.Who is the educator?

    A.Bas is a husband, dad, blogger and international teacher with a passion for helping others meet the authentic grace and love of Jesus.

    Click here if you still want to know more about Bas.

    Click here to listen to what people say about his teaching.

    Click here to get a taste of his teaching and his style.

  • Q.Can I pay for the course with credit card?

    A.Yes. When you hit the green “Get Access Now” button, you will be taken to the payment page. At the top, you can use a Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use the bottom option and pay with credit card.

  • Q.Before I get it, can I read what other people are saying about the course?

    A.Yes, read and watch the testimonials from people who heard the messages live when I first gave them. Also, those who have been going through the course are finding it to be life-changing.

  • Q.I'm married. If I get the course, does my wife have to get her own to go through it?

    A.No. By getting the course, your spouse has access to the course also. This doesn’t apply to friends, however, only to couples.

  • Q.If I get the course today, how long will I have access to it?

    A.You will always have access to it. There is no expiration date. So you can start it today and finish it 5 years from now, if you want.

  • Q.I'm half way through the course and I must say there are things I've never heard before in Church. In fact I've never heard anyone talk about this today. Now I see it so clearly in the Bible. Why is this?

    A.Well, you are right in that pure Grace teaching is not commonly taught today. The reason, I believe, is that most preachers just read and follow the popular contemporary scholars and preachers of our time. So they are merely repeating what they’ve heard and read, thus miss out on this critical dimension of “grace-filled living.”

  • Q.I want my small group and church to take the Radical Freedom Course? Is there a Group License I can use?

    A.Yes. Your price is $397 $169 for your entire group. All the members of your group are allowed to be given access with the private login information. Even if your church or Bible study group has only 7 members, if they all chip in equally, they will SAVE $15 – that is 38% OFF. If your group has more than 7 people, the price is even better. Just click the green button below under “Group License.”

  • Q.What if I don't like the training course?

    A.I want to help you learn, not to make you unhappy; just send me an email within 90 days after purchase and I’ll refund you immediately, no questions asked.

  • Q.How long is the course?

    A.All together, the course messages are just under 28 hours total. Again, you can go through the course at your own pace, and it’s always available to you.

  • Q.Can I download the audios and put them on my iPod or iPhone?

    A.Yes. Once you get the course, you can download each audio session and put them on your smart devices or computer.

  • Q.If I get the course, do I have to complete it within a certain time frame?

    A.No, you can work through it at your own pace at any time and from any place.

  • Q.I'm going through the course right now and I'm impressed with the quality of it. The messages are blowing me away. This is meeting a big need in my life and I want my friends to know about it. How can I share it with them?

    A.Easy. Just send them the course link where they can read all about the course, including testimonials –>

  • Q.How can I best contact you, Bas?

    A.You can best contact me via email:


Live A Life Worth Living - With Christ In The Center

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$97  Just $39 Today

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