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Myth busted: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make Jesus Lord of Your Life

I bet you've heard the phrase “Making Jesus Lord of your life.” Have you ever held a magnifying glass over this idea to see what's being said here? I just did. And I came to a startling conclusion! That is that we shouldn’t’ make Jesus Lord of our … [Continue reading]

Freedom Doesn’t Come From Balancing Grace

Share your thoughts by clicking here. … [Continue reading]

What You Might Never Hear in Church About Intimacy with God (part 4/4)

Picture three identical people in a row. It's like seeing triplets. They have the same looks, the same expressions, and even speak the same words together with the same intervals and tone. All three open their mouths simultaneously, and even though … [Continue reading]

Man Raised From the Dead: Anthony Yahle revives after 45 minutes

Lawrence Yahle refused to believe his dad was dead - and he was right. The 17-year-old Ohio resident rushed into his father Anthony's hospital room after doctors told him his dad could not be revived. "Dad, you're not going to die today," … [Continue reading]

Astounding Truth About Your Relationship with God Unveiled (part 3/4)

Let's start with a radical statement: you don't have a relationship with the Father! Imagine that a rich, royal relative of yours died. He left a jaw-dropping inheritance and even though you’re not a blood-relative, you are in his will to … [Continue reading]

Wherever You Go, He goes

Before the cross, Jesus lived WITH His disciples. Since the cross, Jesus lives IN His disciples. Therefore, wherever YOU go, He goes! (Not the other way around as religion has told you) The cross has changed everything! It's about time we … [Continue reading]

You Are in an Unbroken And Perfect Relationship With Your Father! (part 2/4)

In the last post we’ve seen that you can have confidence and peace in your relationship with your Papa because your relationship with Him is based on Jesus' relationship with the Father. We’ve asked the question: does Jesus ever worry whether … [Continue reading]