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Wish we had more teachers like you. – Jean Bryant, Australia

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  1. Glison Angela Lehto says:

    Wow! Thank you so much! All the messages I’ve watched so far are exactly what is missing in American Christianity. I’ve been struggling for the past several years with trying to find the joy and fullness of life that Jesus promised, in the midst of legalistic, work-oriented, religious churches. It’s been so frustrating. Thank you, Bas, and everyone involved with this glorious movement, for speaking candidly about a grace so free, so powerful, so life-giving that it scares us. Because we can’t be in control when we let Jesus be all that He wants to be to us. We can’t contain His Life in neat little boxes or church service agendas or liturgies or spiritual disciplines or acts of service. It’s organic. It’s alive. And it’s something we don’t make or sustain. If Christians realized how securely God was holding us, we’d stop being deathly afraid of letting go of Him. Thank you for bringing the REAL Gospel to confused, law-enslaved believers! I wholeheartedly agree that Jesus came to restore us into the men and women God created us to be. It’s not a religion. It’s an IDENTITY. Thank you for saying so!

    • Bas Rijksen says:

      Hi Glison,

      Thank you for your comment. That must not have been easy for you to try to find the joy and fullness that Jesus promised and then to not fully experience it. Yes, the cause is indeed religious teaching.

      You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure Glison. In fact, my passion is to see people be set free from this religious yoke by proclaming God’s grace boldly.

      By the way you might like the brand new online training that’s coming out in a few weeks time. If you’re interested, check this out:

      Have a wonderful day,


  2. I just paid for your upcoming Radical Freedom Course. However, when I try to complete my registration I get an error message that my email and user name are already in use etc. I enrolled in an earlier course of yours and right now I’m away on vacation and have limited internet access. Did I just pay for a course I already have? It not, why can’t I use my email for both courses?

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