26 Simple Comparisons Between Law and Grace to Ensure Your Freedom (part 4/4)

EnsureyourfreedomWhy do we spend so much time talking about either having a Law- or a Grace mindset?

Because beliefs that are based on a law-mindset keeps you from living in your full potential. It limits you to walk in fullness of love, freedom and power.

We run the risk of having a law-mindset when we make conclusions based on merely human experiences.

Our experiences in life are real, and our emotions are an important part of our existence, but these aren’t necessarily reflective of spirititual Truth.

In fact, much of our beliefs are based on human experiences instead of spirit and truth. And what is not based on spirit and truth keeps us from living in our full potential.

Much of our false beliefs – what we call a law-mindset – stems from conclusions we’ve made based on fleshly interpretations of life.

A grace-mindset, at the other hand, is based on spiritual truths which are found in the Person and the work of Christ.

These last 26 simple comparisons will help you discern between beliefs that are based on human experiences versus beliefs that are based spirit truth in order to walk in the fullness of all that God has given you.

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Law Mindset (Old Covenant)

Grace Mindset (New Covenant)


Gods people believe God withdraws His presence or “lifts His grace” in due season

Gods people enjoy the fact that God lives in them and will never leave them


Gods people think God is in a bad mood and that He’s an angry God ready to punish us the moment they mess up

Gods people know that God is in an outrageously good mood! And that He will never get angry at them because sin is punished on the cross


Gods people are occupied by appearance and self-image

Gods people are occupied with God – who lives in their heart – and Christ’s image which is their true self-image


Gods people have confidence in the flesh living a self-righteous life

Gods people have confidence in Christ and His righteousness


Gods people give God worth & honor by their performance

Gods people give God worth & honor by resting in Christ’s performance


Gods people stand on the principle P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens)

Gods people don’t bang on the “doors of heaven” but speak faith-filled words to bring what is not into existence


Gods people ask themselves “What Would Jesus Do”

Gods people let God work through them and say “Watch What Jesus Does”


Gods people are concerned about “Making Jesus Lord of your life” and “laying down their rights”

Gods people celebrate the fact that Christ is already Lord, that Christ is their life and by default already “Lord” of it


Gods people talk to God about their mountain (problem)

Gods people talk to the mountain about their God


God’s people do His work because they have to

God’s people do His work because they get to


Gods people confess “without Jesus I can’t do anything”

Gods people confess “I am with Jesus, so I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”


Gods people are on a life-long journey to enter the promised land

Gods people have arrived into the Promised Land – Jesus Christ. They have already reached their eternal Destiny


Gods people go through “season(s) of wilderness and dryness”

Gods people are united with the Fountain of Living Water and never hunger or thirst


Gods people are uncertain about Gods character and His will and confess “His thoughts are higher then ours and His ways are mysterious“

Gods people are one with God, therefore His ways are their ways and His thoughts are their thoughts. What may be know about God is manifest in them. And in Christ, God has revealed the mystery that was hidden for ages


Gods people tithe because they owe God 10 percent of their income and will be blessed when they give

Gods people don’t owe God a dime. We don’t pay God back for what He’s given. He gave everything has a gift. We don’t tithe to “get God’s blessings.” We give cheerfully whatever we decide in our heart because we are already blessed


Gods people rely on their faithfulness, commitment and discipline for their salvation and eternal security

Gods people rely on God’s faithfulness, commitment and the finished work of the cross for salvation and eternal security


Gods people stand on their promises to God

Gods people stand on His promises to us


Gods people participate in accountability groups where they emphasize failure and sin and make commitments to do good and avoid evil

Gods people participate in New Creation realities groups where they emphasize identity (holy, sinless, perfect) over behaviour, making no commitment except to be Christ-focused and not self- and failure focused


Gods people see themselves in the physical mirror as imperfect and conclude “nobody is perfect”

Gods people see themselves in the mirror of Christ’s image and conclude “I am perfect”


Gods people have to overcome life’s trials and dress themselves in white clothes, otherwise God will blot out their name

Gods people have received Jesus’ world-overcoming faith and victory, are clothed with His clean righteous clothes and God promised to never blot our their name


Gods people are priests who are appointed to continuously stand to minister to God without any rest because there’s not furniture to sit on in the temple – to bring sacrifices that are well-pleasing and fragrant aroma’s to God

Gods people are priests who are appointed to continuously sit on the throne at the right hand of the Father to minister to God from a place of rest – being well-pleasing to God and a fragrant aroma to God in Christ


Gods people are afraid God might be disappointed or angry at them due to their sin, failure and shortcomings

Gods people are at peace because they know God is never disappointed or angry at them because since the cross sin is a non-issue between God and them


Gods people don’t dare to draw near God who is holy, to be feared and lives in unapproachable light

Gods people were once far away but have been brought near by the blood of Christ and are the light of the world


Gods people emphasize that Grace and Truth need to be kept in balance

Gods people stand on the fact that Jesus Christ is Grace and Truth – Grace and Truth are synonymous – and that both are embodied in Christ, therefore they can’t be balanced


Gods people talk about having a broken and contrite heart

Gods people talk about having received a wholesome and perfect heart in Christ


Gods people are focussed on their obedience or lack thereof and are afraid of doing the wrong things

Gods people are focused on Jesus obedience that’s imputed unto them and enjoy the fact that He made all things right between the Father and them

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