25 Simple Comparisons Between Law and Grace to Ensure Your Freedom (part1/4)

With the last post we’ve kicked off a series called “101 reasons to go wild with your untamed new lover and dump (the effects) of your outdated demanding husband.”

Why is the Gospel such outrageously Good News?

In short, it is the almost to-good-to-be-true news that Jesus Christ has truly done a PERFECT and COMPLETE job on the cross.

So good that:

Remember, this is all true about you because it is your spirit that determines your true identity! Your spirit is completely changed at new birth. You are a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17). You went through an extreme make over, indeed.

God is a Spirit being and you are a spirit being. He relates to your spirit man. Therefore, the Father sees you as being identical to Jesus!

As Jesus is SO are you (1 John 4:17)

You are truly a NEW creation!

Christ’s nature is reflected in our lifes as we renew our minds to who we are and moment by moment rely on the Spirit’s indwelling Presence to live His life through us.

In this video I share the first 25 Religion killers and Grace (Jesus) exalters. In the next posts and videos we will cover the rest.

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Law Mindset (Old Covenant)

Grace Mindset (New Covenant)


God’s people are under law

God’s people are under grace


God’s people are sinners; unholy, unrighteous and imperfect

God’s people are saints; holy, righteous and perfect


God’s people are slaves to sin.

God’s people are slaves to righteousness


God’s people need to ask God for forgiveness

God’s people are already forgiven


Gods people are concerned about “sin in the camp”

Gods people rejoice in the fact that Jesus has taken away all sin


Gods people confess by reviewing their sin

Gods people confess (agree with God) by reviewing the fact that all their sins – past, present and future – are forgiven


Gods people confess sin to be forgiven again (or put their sin “under the blood”)

Gods people confess they are forgiven (sin has been removed by the blood)


Gods people turn from sin (as repentance)

Gods people turn to God (as repentance)


Gods people believe the Holy Spirit convicts them of their sin

Gods people believe the Holy Spirit convicts them of their righteousness in Christ


Gods people ask the Holy Spirit to examine their heart and point our their sin and shortcomings

Gods people ask the Holy Spirit examine and show Jesus and His perfect sacrifice to them and hear Him say “I chooses to remember your sins no more”


God removes His presence from His people when they sin

Gods people are the temple of the Holy Spirit, sealed and secured. He will never leave us, nor forsake us


Gods people believe that “sin separates you from God”

Gods people believe nothing can separate them from God (or from the love of God therefore)


Gods people separate themselves from unclean things and touch no unclean thing to be holy

Gods people are sanctified and holy, therefore don’t get involved in what is unclean


Gods people are sin conscious for it crouches at the door and desires to be their Master

Gods people are Christ-conscious, not sin-conscious for they have been set free from sin and live free from fear and condemnation


Gods people focus on self-sacrifice and human works.

Gods people focus on the sacrifice of Jesus and His finished work


Gods people do to be

Gods people are who they are


God’s people through works try to become righteous, holy, perfect and Christlike

Gods people are righteous, holy, perfect and Christlike and show it forth by allowing Christ to live His life through them


Gods people have a wicked heart – a heart of stone – that’s deceitful above all things and sing “create in me a clean heart”

God’s people have received a new, clean and holy heart – a heart of flesh – that’s an identical copy of Jesus’ heart


Gods people emphasize sanctification as a life-long process of being cleaned up

Gods people emphasize sanctification being a Person – Jesus Christ – who is their cleanness


Gods people try their best to become godly

Gods people are godly in Christ


God’s people have a lack-mentality and are constantly crying out for “more.” More blessings, more favor, more love, more anointing etc.

God’s people are complete in Christ. They have already been given everything they will ever need. They are blessed. They have favour. They have received the fullness of His love. They are anointed


Gods people seek and ask for “a fresh infilling or anointing” of the Holy Spirit

Gods people are filled with the fullness of Gods Spirit and anointing


Gods people seek and ask God for more faith

Gods people have received the faith of God and are full of God’s supernatural faith


Gods people pray and fast for more spiritual power and authority

Gods people posses raising from the dead power and have the same authority as Jesus has


Gods people fight for victory

Gods people fight from a place of victory

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