3 Short Healing Testimonies on Video


We take Jesus’ command “Go, heal the sick” at face value (Matt. 10:8).

We’re not left empty-handed to do what He told us to do.

He gave us His own authority and power to heal the sick and deliver the oppressed.

Laying hands on the sick is like putting jumper cables on a cars battery that needs a boost.

Healing the sick is about allowing the life of God – that is in you – to flow through you.

Consistent Results

For you to see consistent results three aspects need to be in place:

  1. Decide the Word of God is your final authority – that the Word is true despite what your experience and opinion might be.
  2. Know your identity in Christ.
  3. Know God’s will regarding healing – that it’s always God’s will to heal anybody, anytime, anywhere.


Believers shall lay hands on the sick and they SHALL recover (Mark 16:18)

God says what He means, and means what He says!

Therefore, even though we don’t always see the full recovery that’s promised, we keep laying our hands on the sick. And the more we do, the more we see happen.

Healing testimonies

Here are three testimonies on video.

1. Mattheus’ leg grew out and his backpain disappeared.

2. Marlies couldn’t walk normal until she got healed.

3. Jaap couldn’t bend his wrist untill he got healed.

These links bring you to teaching videos on ‘Divine Healing’