Your Life Calling Is Not To Do Right, But To Believe Right

In the hallways of the Christian world you sometimes hear, “we should ask if an action would be right or wrong before doing it.”


Your life calling is not to do rigth but believe rigth

I’m afraid you and I are in trouble if we should indeed apply that advice.

You know why?

If you were to ask yourself on a continuous basis the question “Would it be right or wrong for me to do this or this action,” at least three things happen:

1) You become self-absorbed and insecure.

2) You are hindering the indwelling Spirit to freely and spontaneously flow through you.

3) You become a rigid, judgemental legalist instead of being a care-free, contagious and gracious person who lives by faith from the wide, open spaces of God’s grace land.

Here’s the deal…

Asking yourself the question, “Is this action right or wrong” is the same as stepping back into the garden of Eden and choosing to eat of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

As Christians our job isn’t to decide:

1) What is right and what is wrong, or

2) To do more of those “right” things.

Our job is simply to live and walk by faith

In this video I’ll share how you can know you live by faith so that you’ll experience joyful freedom!

Click on the image to watch the video:

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Summary: the definitive question for the Christian is not, “would this action be right or wrong,” but is Christ expressing His life through me, am I depending on Him as my life source? That’s the question.

Your life calling is not to do right, but to believe right. Why? Because right living comes from right believing.

If you believe right, you’ll automatically live right.


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P.S. In two weeks time we’ll answer the question “What brings God glory? How is He glorified?” The answer to this question will help you to be who you’re called to be and to do what you’re called to do without strain and stress.


  1. William Hannah says

    This reminds me of something I learned in the parenting class I took. As children, actions precede beliefs. We train children to do the right things and then teach them why and train their hearts to keep making correct choices. However, as adults our beliefs precede our actions. Adults make decisions based on held beliefs rather than simply following directions. As mature Christians, we are able to trust in the Holy Spirit to help us walk in our belief. If we do find that our actions are inconsistent, it means that our fruit is telling us that our beliefs are not aligned correctly. The Holy Spirit is able to reveal the flaws in our faith in order for us to become strengthened. I think that’s why Romans says to rejoice through trials and temptations. That is our opportunity to grow and become much stronger.

    • Bas Rijksen says

      Such a good word BJ. You’re hitting the nail on it’s head. Good illustration also how it changes from a child to a parent.

      This could even be compared to us being first under the law (compared in Bible with children under a tutor thus being corrected from the outside) and us now being under grace (compared to us being/considered as grown ups in the Fathers eyes since we have the same standing as Jesus before Him – thus being corrected from the inside by having our beliefsystem sharpened).