Top 40 Bill Johnson Quotes (part 2/2)

In the last post we’ve covered 20 quotes from Bill Johnson about Mind Renewal, Kingdom Living and Representing God.

The next 20 quotes are on: Identity, God’s Sovereignty and Grace.

Top 40 Bill Johnson - quotes


  1. “Transformed people transform cities.”

  2. “If its true that the value of something is measured by what someone will pay for it, then we need to rethink our worth.”

  3. “Learn to value the Spirit in every believer. Children don’t get a junior Holy Ghost.”

  4. “God is not pre-occupied with sin, He’s already dealt with it.”

  5. “It is impossible to sin out of who you are in God – every sin a believer commits comes from believing a lie.”

  6. “One of the greatest challenges in life is to remain childlike as you grow up.”

  7. “Anyone who has discovered who God has made them to be would never want to be anyone else.”

Bill Johnson

God’s Sovereignty

  1. “We have to redefine the sovereignty of God…There’s a difference between being in charge and being in control. God is in charge, but to think He’s in charge of everything is sad because that means He sponsored Hitler…God is not willing that any should perish, yet people are perishing. That means not everything is His will.”

  2. “Automatically thinking ‘everything that happens is God’s will’ is a lazy way to live. We live in a war. Jesus wasn’t fighting the Father’s will when He raised the dead.”

  3. “I will never blame a loss on God. I will never base a theology on what didn’t happen… Whether they raise the dead or they stay dead, the pay’s the same. I have to manage my heart. I feed my soul on what God has said. Then I take my losses into the secret places of the Lord and I stay there until I give it to Him.”

  4. “If God didn’t cause Katrina, who did? My response is, ‘Well, who did He leave in charge? To whom did He give all authority?’ I refuse to blame God. How many life-threatening storms did Jesus bless? I will not stand as an accuser before God holding up the sins of a city against them. I want no likeness to the accuser of the brethren.”

Top 40 - Bill Johnson Quotes

The Grace Walk

  1. “I finally discovered something – it’s all about Jesus.”

  2. “You cannot hold God hostage (to your questions). He doesn’t owe you an answer. If you want the peace that passes understanding, you’re going to have to give up your right to understanding. It’s called trust.”

  3. “Self control is not saying ‘no’ to a 1000 things, it’s saying ‘yes’ to the one thing.”

  4. “The church is often known for what we hate. We hate you. Come to Jesus. You can be like us. It’s ridiculous.”

  5. “The principles are what I turn to when I can’t sense the presence. But it’s to be the exception not the rule…We are designed to live from the presence.”

  6. “Jesus was the desire of the nations. His body – us – should be the desire of the nations.”

  7. “I’m not a good faster. My friends have visions of God, I have visions of hamburgers. The only time I watch the Food Channel is when I’m fasting. It’s pitiful. We did a 40 day fast. I bought 29 cookbooks. I don’t cook, but the pictures! I bought a deep-fryer and we don’t eat deep-fried food!”