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If you’re looking for books that will radically impact your Christian walk, this is the place for you!

In each of the books Jesus Christ and His finished work has a central place. That means they talk about:

  • Your Identity (who you are in Christ)
  • Your Inheritance (what you already posses in Christ)
  • Your Influence (what you’re able to supernaturally do with Christ)

Browse around and let us know what has been helpful for you and which books you recommend.  Click here to go to the comment section or just scroll down.

By the way, make sure to first check out the free eBooks because some of these recommended books you can get for free! Click here to get your free stuff.


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Let us know what has been helpful for you and which books you recommend. Leave a comment below.


  1. I can’t figure out how to access the list of recommended books on your website. (I did find all the free e books, thank you so much).

    • Sometimes it takes a little while before the list of recommended books is uploaded on this page. Because it needs to pull the information from So the solution is to either hit refresh so that the page will load again, or wait till you see the windows with books appear in your screen. They will appear. I just tried it again myself – but also for me, sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it takes a little longer. Blessings, Bas

  2. I do consider all the ideas you have introduced to your
    post. They are very convincing and will definitely work.
    Still, the posts are too quick for beginners. May you please prolong them
    a little from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  3. John Lewis says

    Grace and peace brother Bas,

    Thank you for your labor of love.

    I thought you might like to know that the books you say take time to load due to their being referenced from the Amazon domain still are not loading. I refreshed the page more than once, and after the last refresh I must have waited at least 10 minutes while I went to the Amazon website, yet the recommended books do not appear here.

    Praise the Lord for your YouTube channel because you posted a video about How The New Testament Will Start To Make Sense To You, and I downloaded the PDFs you supplied. Then today, after I sat down to pray and do some reading, I decided to read those two PDFs, and before I could get beyond the first or second paragraph of just the first PDF I felt a curiosity to just go search your website to see if you even had a recommended resources page. I found this page, but I already described what happened for me.

    So then, instead of doing like I was accustomed to doing, and allow the circumstance to dictate my thoughts, feelings, mood, and actions, I had a change of heart and decided to just search Amazon for the name Frank Viola. I found his book, The Untold Story of the New Testament Church: An extraordinary Guide to Understanding the New Testament. I read the book description, and it seemed to match what you shared in your YouTube video and the first or second paragraph of the first PDF I began to read. So I sent myself an email of the link to the book so I can purchase it in the near future.

    Book link to the Kindle edition:

    So I am sharing all of this, and in as much detail because I love you, and I don’t even know you. Wow! This is new and unfamiliar behavior for me, but I’m going to run with it! Hallelujah! I hope this comment assists you in your ministry and any other person that reads it. God bless you all!

    Oh yeah, I also wanted to share one more thing. Less than a week ago, I felt a strong need to put the entire Bible, in my favorite version, in paragraph format without chapter or verse numbers. I was able to do this using the Bible Gateway website, which allowed me to deselect the chapter and verse numbers by clicking on the button that looks like a circular-shaped gear. And wow, yesterday I was introduced to your YouTube video that delivered information coinciding with the very reasons for my putting the Scriptures together in paragraph format.

    I love when things just coincide with one another and complement one another. I view these occurrences as evidence that I am being led by The Holy Spirit, and I just that Jesus for it. God is good. God bless you.


  4. Sandy Bowen says

    How do I join?

  5. Marc van Eijden says

    Hi Bas,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on why you don’t go to “church” anymore.

    Curious about the books, I turned to this pages… still no list. But I can imagine the list, though I would like to know. Bouncing of on what you said in your video part 2, just to say that I am very familiar with Wayne Jacobson’s books. I had the privilege of meeting him in person. The subject interests me. Actually, it is not just an interest, it matters because Christ matters.

    When I hear the stories of people leaving the “institutional church” for all the reasons Wayne and you mention, my heart hurts. Not for the “church” but for the people, and for the sake of the Gospel. I fully understand why people want to leave. And I dislike playing church very much. The way you put it in your video is quite right, at least if applied those “churches” that fit your description, which does not fit all “organized” churches. As Wayne admitted to me, there is a cultural element to it.

    Let’s face it. Many groups, organized or not, institutionalized or not, many groups if not all are flawed. And when disciples of Jesus gather, there are also flaws. The New Testament lettres reflect that reality as well. Hence the importance of the Gospel, the fully completed work of Christ! Indeed, it is because of what Christ has done that we can “put up with one another” and “forgive one another like Christ has forgiven us”.

    I would not describe myself as a religious person. But I do believe with my whole being in Jesus. I don’t like “doing the religious things”. When I pray, it is to talk to my Father. If I conduct a funeral, it is to console those present and to have them experience the reality of Christ presence and the hope we can have in Him. When I lead people, for whatever reason, I do so with the words of my Master in mind and heart (namely that the Son of man has not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many). Whenever people want to impose rules, I remind them of how Christ has forgiven us and set us free to love and to serve. Hence when I do wedding preparations, I encourage people to love as Christ loved us and invite them to experiment with what Jesus has said instead of copying what others do. Almost always do I refer to a church building as a building, not as the church, also to non-Christians. And it is just a building that can be pain as it can be useful when one wants to meet with more people, for example for a meal.

    You might think I am a pastor, and you would not be wrong. And people are glad I am. Actually, I am a missionary in a country with very few churches. I promote church planting, or rather making disciples. I encourage people to know and trust Jesus and to follow Him, not rules or a certain denomination. And because I follow and love Jesus, I love the Body of Christ, in whatever form or shape. And so I gather with others who want and can, whether it is on a Sunday or a Monday, formally or informally. You see, when one loves Jesus and have experienced his love and grace, it changes everything. Then, what we do is no longer a show or a repetition. Indeed, then one can go to somebody’s home or to a synagogue or the temple for that matter, and love God and one’s neighbor, freely.

    I have spoken with people who have been churched all their life long. And as I listened to their hurt, I wonder how it is that they had never understood or rather experienced the Gospel for all those years.

    When buildings are filled with people who are strangers to the Gospel, not intellectually but spiritually, and when these groups are lead by people personally unacquainted with God’s grace and ignorant of their own sin for which Jesus died, then it is no surprise to me that people hungry for the Gospel leave those buildings. But it should be said, they have not left church, because they never were in church, that is church as the Bible defines it.

    My point is this: the problem is not “church” nor the “system”, the problem is people not trusting Jesus but their own understand (cf. Proverbes 3:5-6). Don’t get me wrong, I understand all to well the long list of wrongs people, like Wayne Jacobson, have identify. For decades I have exposed them as wrong and dangerous. (And I am glad more and more people are speaking up!) I still do. But I don’t have to “do away with church”. So on Sunday when I go to our building, I don’t go to church. No, I could I go where I already am? No, I go and MEET with some of my brothers and sisters, friends, and also some people curious about Jesus. And it is not the only time either. To live is Christ, right?

    When church is about “church” it is no longer church. When church is about Christ, then church is Church. Wasn’t that the point is Acts 15?

    May you continue to experience God’s wonderful healing grace and may you continue sharing the beautiful Gospel of our Savior and King Jesus Christ !

    Marc van Eijden

  6. I’m surprised you don’t have Clark Whitten’s book – “Pure Grace” – on the list. It has radically changed my perspective on the finished work of Christ. I have given out more copies of that book that I can count. I introduced it to my brother who runs a Christian school and it has transformed the way he leads, disciplines and educates. It is required reading for his entire staff and they used “Pure Grace” as a motto for their school year in 2017.

  7. Jared Westendorp says
  8. Linda Thomas says

    I listened to two of your videos tonight and enjoyed them immensely. It’s refreshing to hear of a ministry that is liberating people from false beliefs that teach grace laced with law and have people continuing to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I also found E. W. Kenyan’s books to be very inspirational, particularly New Creation Realities and The Hidden Man of the Heart. I will recommend your videos and website to friends. May God bless this ministry and continue to reveal His truths to you.

    • Bas Rijksen says

      Great to hear from you Linda. glad you liked the videos you listened too.

      Thank you for recommending my videos and website to friends 🙂

      In His embrace,


  9. Pure grace by Clarke Whitten

  10. Galina Tulovsky says

    I would love to know what the recommended books are but the window isn’t opening. I tried refreshing and waiting several times but nothing happened.

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