The Importance Of Setting Boundaries

Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Boundaries, properly set, protect you so that you still have the time, energy, and resources to pour into the people and purposes that are most important to you. Boundaries impact all areas of our lives: Physical boundaries help us determine who may touch us and under … [Read more...]

12 Myths About the Gospel of Grace: Book Review “Hyper Grace Gospel”

Are you taking some time off this summer? Michelle and I are packing our bags to spend a week at my parents place. So we exchange the busy city Amsterdam for the quiet village Maartensdijk. We're looking forward to it! Anyway, today I have a video for you. Here's what is in the video: How you can easily discern the Gospel of Grace from … [Read more...]

Book Review “It is Finished: Why You Can Quit Religion And Trust in Jesus”

Religion is the best way to make Jesus unattractive and undesirable – Bas Rijksen Even though mankind is created to enjoy friendship with God religion has caused our eyes to be blinded for the purpose and ultimate experience of life: to glorify God by enjoying Him forever Yesterday Blaise's book "It is Finished" came out on Amazone. I've read it … [Read more...]

How to End Your Struggle With Faith

A common misbelieve is that we, as believers, need more faith. The idea is that some people have a little bit of faith, while others have much faith. The result is that we spend a lot of time and energy asking for faith or for more faith. You don't have a faith problem The Bible says that every born again Christian has the same quality and … [Read more...]

Crystal Clear New Covenant Grace: Book Review “The Gospel in Ten Words”

The Gospel is the revelation of God's love through Jesus Christ. Most people, including Christians, haven't heard the Gospel. That's why Paul Ellis wrote The Gospel in Ten Words. Why am I convinced that most people don't know the gospel? Because they have no joy...those who receive the gospel ought to be the happiest, most joyful people in the … [Read more...]

There’s nothing for me to do. He has done it all!

If someone makes a very unkind remark about you in your presence, how do you meet the situation? You compress your lips, clench your teeth, swallow hard, and take a firm grip upon yourself; and if with a great effort you manage to suppress all sign of resentment and be reasonably polite in return, you feel you have gained a great victory. But the … [Read more...]