How to End Your Struggle With Faith

A common misbelieve is that we, as believers, need more faith. The idea is that some people have a little bit of faith, while others have much faith. The result is that we spend a lot of time and energy asking for faith or for more faith. You don't have a faith problem The Bible says that every born again Christian has the same quality and … [Read more...]

A Mistake You Don’t Want to Make: Trying to Love God More And Keeping the First Commandment First Place (part 3/6)

Do you want to love God more? I suspect you do. But the answer to love God more is not to pray, “Lord, help me to love You more” or “Lord, pour out your love in my heart.” Nor is “getting more hungry, thirsty, passionate and desperate” the right answer to love Him more. The right answer on how you can experience and love God more is much better … [Read more...]

Jesus Is Not The Reason For The Season

Every year we get people telling us "Jesus is the Reason for the Season". It rhymes, it sounds spiritual, but is it true? Jesus has existed for all eternity as part of the Godhead. The reason the Word became flesh wasn't for His benefit, wasn't for His safety, wasn't for His joy. No - God joined the human race, and submitted Himself to the form and … [Read more...]

What You Might Never Hear in Church About Intimacy with God (part 4/4)

Picture three identical people in a row. It's like seeing triplets. They have the same looks, the same expressions, and even speak the same words together with the same intervals and tone. All three open their mouths simultaneously, and even though they all speak at the same time, a harmonious symphony of one crystal clear voice is conveyed. I tell … [Read more...]

Astounding Truth About Your Relationship with God Unveiled (part 3/4)

Let's start with a radical statement: you don't have a relationship with the Father! Imagine that a rich, royal relative of yours died. He left a jaw-dropping inheritance and even though you’re not a blood-relative, you are in his will to inherit his world wide estate. Everything that was his is now yours, including to be forever adopted in his … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why You Can Have Confidence and Peace in Your Relationship with God (part 1/4)

(You have three options: 1. Only read the text 2. Only watch the video 3. Read the text and watch the video).  ..... Are you ready to see how secure your relationship with your Father is?! Question: do you think Jesus is ever uncertain about His relationship with His Father? Does He ever worry whether or not He and His Father are still OK in … [Read more...]

How to experience God’s love – take love breaks

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, discouraged or insignificant? Here’s a tip on how to experience God’s love and not to be troubled in your soul. My baby girl Anouk and I are playing in the family room. Imagine for a moment that I AM LOVE personified. I ooze with love. From every fibre and cell of my being love is poured out like a constant … [Read more...]