Myth Busted: Sin Does NOT Give The Devil A Right (Legal Ground) In Your Life!

It's myth busting time! In this post we'll bust two myths... One says “sin gives the devil the right to operate in your life.” And the other says, “the devil can have legal ground if you do something bad.” Neither is true. In this post you'll see why. … [Read more...]

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No more Hype... No more “Bad News”... No more “Religious Junk”... Finally, the Truth presented in a simple and clear way that build you up and set you up to live a grace-filled life! Introducing: Wish we had more teachers like you - Jean Bryant, Australia Watch the VIDEO to find out what's in it for you: Trouble viewing? Click >>HERE … [Read more...]

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Hi there...I know you're busy so I'll keep this update short and concise. Firstly, the “Freedom Course” will be finished a bit later then I had planned. There are two exciting reasons for this delay. REASON #1 Once I started writing I quickly ended with up with way to many videos for one course. So I decided to take the original “Freedom Course” … [Read more...]

How to Operate in God’s Power: Interview with Ronald Plat

You don't need to be a superstar Christian to operate in God's power! It is the right and privilege of every believer (Matt. 10:7-8). However, it's one thing to read in the Word that we can do the same works as Jesus and greater (John 14:12). It's another thing to actually do what is written in the Word and see the same miraculous results like … [Read more...]

The Father’s Love for You: Movie “MOST” Based on a True Story

John Griffith had lost all he had in the stock market crash. He moved to Mississippi where he took a job as bridge operator for a railroad company. In 1937 he was involved in a horrible accident. One day his 8 year-old son, Greg, spent the day with his Dad at work. The boy was fishing next to the office so his Dad could both work and keep an eye … [Read more...]

Interview with Bas Rijksen: A Peek Into His Life And Missionary Work

Hi there. Trusting you're doing well! Since I like to be personal and accessible we've made video in which I'm interviewed so you can have a peek into my life. Especially, I would like to show you that I'm just like you; I'm not better, more special, more holy or more spiritual, even though some might draw that conclusion since I'm a bit … [Read more...]

There’s nothing for me to do. He has done it all!

If someone makes a very unkind remark about you in your presence, how do you meet the situation? You compress your lips, clench your teeth, swallow hard, and take a firm grip upon yourself; and if with a great effort you manage to suppress all sign of resentment and be reasonably polite in return, you feel you have gained a great victory. But the … [Read more...]