Discover How To Prevent Condemnation And Live In Joyful Freedom

Are you ready for a 30.000 feet overview that will help you live in joyful freedom? First this... … [Read more...]

What Does The Lord’s Prayer Look Like Under Grace? And Should You Pray It?

Hey there. Let's hit another nail in the coffin of tradition... The Lord's prayer is not a New Covenant prayer! Jesus gave a model for prayer, not something to repeat. Remember that the Lord’s Prayer was before the cross. The New Covenant only started after the cross so we have to look at the Lord’s Prayer from a New Covenant … [Read more...]

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No more Hype... No more “Bad News”... No more “Religious Junk”... Finally, the Truth presented in a simple and clear way that build you up and set you up to live a grace-filled life! Introducing: Wish we had more teachers like you - Jean Bryant, Australia Watch the VIDEO to find out what's in it for you: Trouble viewing? Click >>HERE … [Read more...]

Who else wants to enjoy life in Christ and get things done?

What if you could get rid of guilt and condemnation once for all and enjoy your life to the fullest? What if there is more to your Christian life than going to church and devoting yourself to more “spiritual” disciplines in order experience God and make a difference in the long run? What if there was a way to continuously experience God in the … [Read more...]

Abiding in the Vine: Are You in Danger of Being Thrown Into the Fire?

John 15 is known as the "God is the Vine, we are the branches" chapter. This chapter seems to promote self-effort on steroids. Work hard, do your best and you will abide in Jesus and He in you. However, if you fail to keep your end of the bargain, you run the risk of being cut off, pruned or even cast out and thrown into the fire. The question … [Read more...]

How to Break Free From the Cycle of Motivation-Condemnation-Rededication (part 2/2)

In the last post I introduced the Cycle of Motivation-Condemnation-Rededication. We've seen that the root of this cycle-issue is the false belief that says, “God expects you to please Him by living the Christian life.” While the truth is that God is not expecting you to live a Christ-like life, but that He invites you to allow Christ to live His … [Read more...]

How to Break Free From the Cycle of Motivation-Condemnation-Rededication (part 1/2)

Do you ever feel like your Christian life like a roller coaster ride? Through a series of slow climbs you reach a point where you have a sense you've done the things you believe God is expecting from you. You've been praying, studying the Bible, telling people about Christ, helping people out and often gone the extra mile. It's tiring, but you are … [Read more...]