Who else wants to enjoy life in Christ and get things done?

What if you could get rid of guilt and condemnation once for all and enjoy your life to the fullest?

What if there is more to your Christian life than going to church and devoting yourself to more “spiritual” disciplines in order experience God and make a difference in the long run?

What if there was a way to continuously experience God in the midst of your busy life?

I Was Amazed With What I Discovered

While teaching my first seminars, I’ve put people more into bondage then setting them free by parroting religious baloney that people I learned from spewed as truth.

Then, I realized something huge…

…what was my BIG discovery?

That 90 % (could be higher) of the teachings we hear today is religious mumbo-jumbo – it’s a mixture of grace and law.

Mixing grace with law is the quickest way to a guilt trip for it promotes the idea that you are never doing enough.

No matter how much “spiritual” activities you practice, you never seem to

…prioritize God enough…

…love God enough…

…be God-focused enough….

…be balanced enough…

…or be devoted enough.

Basically, you always fall short thus you feel guilty and condemned.

A Better Way to Live

Beloved, you pay a high price for listening to religious teaching.

Religious teaching brings you in a place which can be compared the man adrift at sea in a life raft. Because he is dying of thirst, he begins to drink the seawater around him. The salt water causes him to become increasingly thirsty and his thirst causes him to drink more seawater.

This vicious cycle will ultimately bring death!

This will be the fate of anybody who believes that doing more is the remedy for his thirst.

It’s not that you are to become passive, but God offers a much better way for you to live!

The Path to Freedom

Do you want to get rid of guilt and condemnation once for all and enjoy your life to the fullest without using any formulas or steps?

Are you tired of looking for the encounter of a lifetime and ready to start living a lifetime of encounter?

You’re in luck!

Introducing: “How To Enjoy Life In Christ And Get Things Done” course.

DVD Software box with cd disc labels bijgesneden

(This image is for illustration purposes only. This is a digital product not a physical product, giving you immediate access to the content via an online membership area).

I created an online video training course that is made up of 5 high quality video teachings that each contain easily digestible lessons with transformational truth

All the videos are also available as audio messages so you can either watch the videos or listen to the audio. 

All the teachings are digital and you can access them immediately as soon as they are available.

How Will This Course Help Me?

Some of the benefits are: 

  • Experience intimacy with God in the context of your busy life

  • Do more and sweat less by walking in your true identity

  • Discover a new perspective on your life

  • Live a life worth living with Christ in the center

  • Experience freedom from guilt and condemnation

  • Feel confident all day, every day

How Do I Get Started?

Enrollment is now closed. But don’t worry, doors will open again Spring 2015.

Sign up to get notified when doords open up by clicking HERE.

I will keep you updated so you don’t miss out!

Limited Time Available

IMPORTANT: The course is available for a LIMITED TIME only – just 5 days! 

The reasons is that I want to be able to focus on a select group of people, like in a class-room setting.

After everybody is in I want be fully available for the people that are inside to chat with them, answer questions, and learn together in this community…

…getting excited? I am!


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P.S. To get notified when the course is available, make sure to sign up now. Click HERE to not miss out!


  1. Hi Bas,

    Thanks for a really great website. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Pure Grace that is hard to come by these days. Your own testimony that comes through is a road that, I think, most of us had traveled before meeting our beloved King of Grace, Jesus, face to face. Blessed by the Holy Spirit, for sure!

    I hope you don’t mind me linking your website to my blog.

    best regards.
    u r blessed!

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for your encouragement and kind words.

      I’m glad the content blesses you.

      True, pure grace is still hard to come by these days, but that’s changing as more and more people are awakened to the finished work of Christ…

      Yes, feel free to link my website to your blog.

      Rock on,


  2. keijo leppioja says

    By grace and only by grace we are saved and get the Holy Spirit to be with us and quard us and helping us to walking in thanksgiving into follow Christ and sowing our seed in blessing and with good harvest later in promises of God to reap ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

    • Thank you for your comment Keijo! So true. By grace and grace alone we are saved and kept! May you continue to fall deeper in love with your heavenly Father!