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Make Grace your way of life

Here is a list of names of people and their ministry who are devoted to proclaim the Gospel of Grace.

Do you want to be added to this list?

If you would like your blog, website, or ministry added to this list, here’s what is needed:

1. Your blog/website needs to be devoted to proclaiming the Gospel of Grace.

2. If so, send your name, blog/website name and link to: bas (at)

3. And, make sure you have a link to on your blog/website (e.g. in a blogroll or on a links page like this).

Together spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ,



  1. Dear Bas,

    Please consider my blog as a link.

    u r blessed!

  2. I would like to add our pastor/church on the list. Asian Christian Charismatic Fellowship under Rick Oasin from Philippines. You can visit our website at
    Gospel of Grace is so amazing!
    Thank you 🙂

    • Bas Rijksen says:

      Thank you for reaching out Michelle!

      So good to see that you’re all involved in sharing the Gospel of Grace.

      Question: do you have # 3 of the items in place? there has to be a link to on your blog/website (e.g. in a blogroll or on a links page like this).

      Let me know,


      • Hi Bas,

        Sorry I am not the administrator of the website. I do have blogs on my fb account.

        Well it’s okay. The important is Gospel of Grace is spreading all over the world. Our pastor personally believed that this is the gospel being mentioned on Matthew 24.

        Stay blessed & favored

  3. Ken Green says:

    Dear Bass, looking forward to the next class.

    Andre Rabe is a must…He is WAY OUT of the religious box…his book
    “Desire Found Me” will really make you aware of so many great misunderstandings religion has taught us.
    Francois du Toit, who wrote “The Mirror Bible”…flows with abundant grace!

    Appreciate ALL that you ARE and DOING.
    Abundant Grace my internet friend,

    • Bas Rijksen says:


      Thank you Ken for pointing these man of God and resources out.

      I love both of these gentelemen and what they bring into our family. It’s just liberating and truly GOOD NEWS.

      I went through the Mirror Bible…so refreshing and Christ-centered!

      Didn’t know about “Desire Found Me”..will check it out.

      You rock Ken!

  4. Bas,
    My Church which is called as JCNM-Jesus Christ of Nazareth Ministries is considered as one of the biggest Grace Preaching churches in India Led By Pastor K.Shyam Kishore.
    Many creative miracles are done . So many of them are getting healed from dreaded diseases.Many gentiles and Christians are getting benefited through this grace message. I was wondering ,being a christian for the last 40 years why I haven’t come across these life changing messages.My fathers and Fore fathers were Christians .None of them taught us about Grace.This is an awesome thing which Jesus has given to the Mankind.
    Every Sunday the Congregation is above 50k..more than 50% gentiles participate in the Service.
    I ma sure coming days it will cross a Million Worshippers in our church.
    All Glory to God .Hallelujah!!!

    Yours” in Christ


    • Valpuia Renthlei says:

      Hello, Edison
      I’ve read your ministry is in India I’d like to know the location if you allow me to tell me.

      I’m from Aizawl,Mizoram, India right now i am staying in Manipur for my Personal Evangelist.

  5. Hey bas I found this Great Grace website and I thought I would recommend it to you 🙂 I put his website up above and ill post it here as well he really loves grace 🙂 so just thought it could be another helpful place for people to find more and more gods grace. god bless

  6. Ps. Zack Cherian radically preaches the message of Grace. Many have been set free from guilt and condemnation in the U.S. And around the globe. Check out his podcast that was just started. He has a ministry called Zack Cherian International Ministries and a couple of years ago started a church in San Antonio, Texas called Brazen Grace Fellowship. The website is

  7. Howard Chou says:


    First I would like to say I too, am a disciple of Jesus and am a teacher of the Bible.

    Thank you for your hard work on youtube. I have benefited from your teaching and explanation. I watched “But Lord, Lord … ” in the following link

    I was wondering if you can send me an private email to discuss the doctrine of Grace and Jesus commission. My email is

    Hope this post find its way to you.


  8. Lalhriatpuia says:

    hello, Bas,

    i find this website interesting, i am Evangelizing on the Gospel of Grace, i work alone for now with no church yet, i find people who preach the same Gospel Of Grace empowered me much more.

  9. Valpuia Renthlei says:


    Great to see this website, i see preachers of grace, and it empowered me to preach Grace more effectively,
    I am Evangelizing on the Gospel of Grace and i am bless to come here in this website.

  10. How about including a list of preachers of old (eg. Charles Spurgeon) who were devoted to proclaim the gospel of Grace. Thank you.

  11. Hey there are there any theologians that you could refer me to? Thanks.

  12. Creflo Dollar is committed to the Gospel of Grace

  13. We cannot leave Bertie Brits on the list. .His sermons have transformed people’s lives.

  14. My best friend CHRIS HARRISON is a fellow missionary in the faith for over a decade. We travel to ONLY the 1040 window on mission trips. He and I have preached the gospel of grace ( which is just the gospel ) in the states and the 1040 window for over 25 yrs. Are website is
    Church212/Cullman and Agape Your tag is not yet on either because it’s 4:30am here in the states and I just came across your website. We have an administrator that handles all of our updates. Please check Church212/Cullman. com you WILL enjoy Chris’ freedom in grace or the REAL GOSPEL. We have 6 bible schools and over 150 churches around the world. Just please consider him.

  15. Grace On Fellowship is a place dedicated to the preaching of the message of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Amos Wainaina, its coordinator shares a message of grace every morning on his Facebook page

  16. Hi, I’m Darius D’Silva form Goa India. In my search for Gods grace I found Pastor Paul White on the internet and would like you to consider adding him to your list.

  17. Lolita Pinto says:

    Thank you Bas for this website. I am greatly influenced by Pastor Joseph Prince. We listen to him every day. I live in the UAE and in search of a Pastor/Church that preaches Grace. If anyone here knows any Church in UAE, please me me know.

    I loved your teaching on Fasting under Grace.

    Be blessed always

  18. Darius D'Silva says:

    Hi I’m Darius D’Silva. you approved a comment of mine. I wanted your recommendation seeing you are some what of an authority on this topic. Which grace churches in India do you recommend. Please add reasons for recommendations.
    thanks a million.

  19. Karen Finken says:

    I would ask you to look again at Jonathan Welton and consider his blog dated July 25, 2017. I’m not sure he is a grace preacher. Creflo Dollar or Gregory Dickow might be a better choice.

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