How To Bring Heaven On Earth: Using The King’s Power And Authority

In this video we take a moment to remind ourselves what it means to be an ambassador of heaven who carry the King’s Name to use His power and authority to bring heaven on earth.

How To Bring Heaven On Earth- Using The King's Power And Authority

As an ambassador, you stand in delegated authority. When you rebuke a demon, it is as if Jesus is rebuking that demon; when you rebuke a sickness, it is as if Jesus is rebuking that sickness – that is the power of delegated authority.

To give someone the right to use your name is to give them your authority.

That person is authorized to speak as your representative.

Presently, Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father, waiting while His ambassadors (the Church) put His enemies under His feet (see Heb. 10:12-13).

As ambassadors, our priority is bringing alignment between Heaven and earth.

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Jesus said that we are to pray that it would be on earth as it is in Heaven (see Matt. 6:10).

In Heaven there is no sickness, no pain, no poverty, no divorce, no broken homes, no death. In Heaven there is total peace, love, and joy.

Therefore, as an ambassador of Heaven, these are the things that we pray into our surroundings.

It is time to move away from wimpy, weak-kneed, milk-toast, namby-pamby prayers like, “God, if it is Your will, would You please consider doing such and such?”

Ambassadors direct their authority toward the problem and demand results.

I am not saying that we make demands of God, but that we aim our authority at the problem.

For example, “Lazarus come forth!” or “Lame man rise and walk!” or “Demon come out!” or “Storm be calm!”

Like Jesus, ambassadors use their authority to address problems directly.

When you pray in the being of Jesus, you must be obeyed by demons, sickness, death, and circumstances as if Jesus Himself were commanding those obstacles.

I, Bas Rijksen, have no authority in my name, apart from Jesus.

In the natural, I am not a king, but as an ambassador of Heaven, I operate in the authority of the King of kings.

When I am praying, I am standing inside the being of Jesus, because that is where I find my authority.

Question: What in your environment needs to come into alignment with Heaven’s best: physical ailments, financial issues, your marriage, your children, your church, close friends, your employer and co-workers, and so forth.

Speak over each of these with authority as Heaven’s ambassador and watch it being transformed.

Have a splendishes day,

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