Hot news…

Hi there…I know you’re busy so I’ll keep this update short and concise.

Firstly, the “Freedom Course” will be finished a bit later then I had planned.

There are two exciting reasons for this delay.


Once I started writing I quickly ended with up with way to many videos for one course. So I decided to take the original “Freedom Course” and break it up into smaller courses (still each contain a few dozen teaching videos).

Here’s how a few courses are called:

* “Discover Your Radical Freedom In Christ To Live A Grace-Filled Life

* “The Secret Of The Power Of Your True Identity Revealed To Live A Victorious, Fulfilled And Happy Life”

* “Say Goodbye To Guilt And Shame And Hello To A Life Filled With Incredible Peace, Joy And Confidence”

* …….

When will the doors open of the first course – the “Radical Freedom Course”? Answer: Spring 2024.


The second reason is that next to blogging, teaching etc., I’ve started to build a business to generate finances for missions work.

My wife and I have been living 100% from donations and we’re led to run a business at the side that will support us and other Gospel-sharing-ministries.

It’s not that we personally lack anything, but we want to be freed up even more to continue to spread the Gospel of grace and reach 1,5 million people in 10 years.

What business have I started? I’m selling physical products on Amazon under our own brandname. Soon I’ll show you one of the products we’re selling…and give you an opportunity to support missions in an easy and fast way 🙂

Secondly…more good news.

My wife and who is from the US, wanted to become Dutch for a long time.

Due to some miracles the King of the Netherlands has granted my wife the right to become Dutch!

So we did another dance of joy on December 15th when my wife became officially Dutch.

We wish you a grace-filled 2023!


P.S. Since last summer I started to send you 2 posts per month instead of 4. I’ve found this to be a good rhythm, so you can expect 2 posts per month in your inbox 🙂

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