25 Simple Comparisons Between Law and Grace to Ensure Your Freedom (part 2/4)

It is for freedom Christ has set you free (Gal. 5:1)!

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In this video I share the next 25 simple comparisons between a law and grace mindset to help you rightly divide God’s Word and experience true freedom.

Again, the law tells you what to do (demands), while grace tells us what God has done (supplies).

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Law Mindset (Old Covenant)

Grace Mindset (New Covenant)

 26.Gods people use language of “thirst” and “hunger”Gods people believe in Jesus, therefore never thirst or hunger
 27.Gods people use language of “longing” and lack” Gods people are married to Mr. Satisfaction – Jesus Christ; are filled with the fullness of God and lack nothing
 28.Gods people always seek always for “more of God” Gods people have received the fullness of God Himself and are complete in Christ
 29.Gods people strive to get to another level Gods people are all equal and have the same standing as Jesus before the Father
 30.Gods people chase His glory (and talk about “clouds” and “pillars”)Gods people have Christ – the hope of glory – living in them
 31.Gods people are concerned not “to touch God’s glory” for He doesn’t share it with anyoneGods people are partakers of God’s glory. As sons of glory they are carriers of God’s glory
 32.Gods people seek God to “find Him” Gods people are found by God and have found Him in return
 33.God people call themselves “God chasers” Gods people are God’s home: and live in His permanent embrace
 34.Gods people “seek Gods face”Gods people are face to face with Him in spirit. There’s no distance
 35.Gods people ask God to show His glory, yet they believe no one can see the face and glory of God and liveGods people have confidence draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith because they’re partakers of His glory and are 24/7face to face with Him
 36.God’s people ask God for forgiveness for sin in their land and repent on behalf of their nation Gods people thank God that He’s already forgiven the sin of the whole word 2000 years ago
 37.Gods people seek mantels for different spiritual thingsGods people are robed with one mantle alone; the mantle of righteousness
 38.Gods people don’t move unless God’s presence goes with them and before them and He prepares the wayGods people move because God’s presence is in them and He works through them
 39.Gods people seek double portions of spiritual things, like “a double portion of anointing”Gods people have received one portion which includes every spiritual blessing: the full portion or measure of Christ. He’s the Anointed One which makes His people equally anointed as He is
 40.Gods people strive to earn acceptance, blessings and favor with GodGods people are already accepted, blessed and favored
 41.Gods people draw close to God by means of sacrifice, devotion and ritualGods people are in effortless union with God, therefore never try to get closer to Him
 42.Gods people go to church or temples to meet with GodGods people are the church and the temple of God, therefore they never go to something that they are themselves
 43.Gods people approach the Holy of Holies in the hopes to enterGods people are permanent 1st class members of the holy of holies, therefore they don’t enter a place where they already are
 44.Gods people would enter God’s presence Gods people are 24/7 in His presence and never enter His presence because God Himself has entered them
 45.Gods people seek to encounter God Gods people are not seeking the encounter of a lifetime, but are in a life-time of encounter
 46.God’s people are searching and praying for an open heaven (“God, rend the heavens”)God’s people are an open heaven
 47.Gods people beg God to come down Gods people rest in the fact God already has come down – 2000 years ago – and makes His home in those who believe in Jesus
 48.Gods people are living under a brass heaven; one that’s shutGods people are living under a permanent open heaven
 49.Gods people look and sing to God to let it rain, for fire to fall, and wind to blowGods people enjoy the rain, fire and wind 24/7 as they rely on the Spirit’s indwelling Presence, who is Living Water, Consuming fire and the Fountain of desire

Gods people try to change the atmosphere to change people

Gods people are the atmosphere who change people

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