How to End Your Struggle With Faith

A common misbelieve is that we, as believers, need more faith.

The idea is that some people have a little bit of faith, while others have much faith. The result is that we spend a lot of time and energy asking for faith or for more faith.


You don’t have a faith problem

The Bible says that every born again Christian has the same quality and quantity of faith that Jesus has!

Not only does that mean that you and I don’t have a faith problem any more, but that we can do the same works as Jesus, and greater (John 12:14).

The Gospel doesn’t come to demand faith – it comes to supply faith. God has given us thé measure of faith; and this faith is found in His Son.

Christ is faith personified. You don’t lack faith since you are married to Mr. Faith. He is all the faith you will ever need. 

Since you are identical to Jesus (1 John 4:17, 1 Cor. 6:17), what conclusion can we draw about who you are?

That you are a faith being, just like Christ! You are a person of faith, also known as being a “believer.”

In fact, you have the same quality and quantity of faith that Jesus has.

The Supernatural Faith of God

In this video I give a sermon titled “The Faith of God.”

The goal is to show you:

  • that you have received the faith of God
  • that you do not lack faith, but that you’re filled with God’s supernatural faith
  • that you shouldn’t ask for faith or more faith
  • how to operate in faith
  • how faith is conncected to God’s pleasure over your life.

Click on the image to watch the sermon (54:16 min.)

Beeld No Faith struggle

The overall result of this message – and basically any Christ-focused preaching – is that you will grow in confidence to do the works of Jesus and greater.

The end of your struggle with faith

The false idea that we are in need for more faith keeps us bugged down in a performance-based relationship with our Father.

In an effort to attain more faith you’ll end up asking God for more of what He’s already given you.

By asking Him enough times, you are hoping that you’ll get another dose of faith injected to make it through the day.

If you do enough “spiritual” activities God must eventually come over the bridge with the answer on your request. God is holding back but when you put Him under enough pressure He must at least give you some measure of faith, right? No!

Faith of GodThe good news is that God has crossed the bridge to come to you, destroyed the bridge, so you don’t have to try to make Him come to your side and give you every time a new measure of faith.

You have received thé measure of faith, which is Christ.

You are united with God. His faith is your faith.

You have no lack of faith. You never have, and never will have any lack of any kind. You are complete in Him (Col. 2:9-10).

Remember that you are blessed with EVERY spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Eph. 1:3)? 

In regards to the faith issue that means you are chuck full of faith (in your spirit) – you are blessed with the Faith of God.  

There would be no peace, but a lot of strive and doubt in your relationship with God, when you would still need to do something to gain more faith.

Yet, so many Christians live with a lack-mentality and thus are plagued by doubt, fear and frustration, still hoping, groping and crawling through the dust trying to get something that they already possess.

The truth is that God already has given you ALL things for godly living (2 Peter 1:3).

Beloved, please receive the truth, renew your mind, and enjoy your walk of faith (without struggle).

I encourage you to watch the video if you’re interested in hearing more on this topic (and to get the Bible references).


  1. I have a problem with your sermons. Many of them the volume is not loud enough for me to hear on my iPad. I have no problem with your other videos. Please find a way to increase the volume on your sermons. I really appreciate your post. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family and your ministry. Dave

    • Bas Rijksen says

      That’s good feedback Dave. I don’t have an iPad, so I don’t know how it comes across on that device. These sermons are recorded by a soundteam in a church where I sometimes speak. So I’ll need to bring that up with them. Thanks again. Bas

  2. LaShaun Currie says

    Everything you are communicating is from the Scriptures…… I’ve been saved for sometime now 7years, I’ve been to many local churches, too many to count and I have never heard anyone minister the scriptures in this way…… The Lord encouraged me in the teachings he gave to you and My spirit bore witness, I’ve shared your videos with a few others but it is hard for them to receive….. which had caused me to doubt for a little while but I continued to listen anyway, Everything your ministering is not being spoken, I have friends (including myself) who continue to go in the same circle with our personal issues… I would like to learn about my identity and the power that I already have…..How long did it take you to get where you are???? and where do I begin because I am hungry……….What would you say to those who would challenge you teaching????

    • Bas Rijksen says

      So good to hear from you. I admire the hunger you have for the Lord and His Word.

      We are all in the process of renewing our mind. Some Grace teaching I heard in the past I was offended by and could not swallow at the time because of a good amount of old, or unrenewed thinking. However, the more I kept taking in pure, simple Gospel of Grace messages, with the Holy Spirit’s revelation and inspiration, I started to see Jesus (who is Grace personified) more and more clear. And to that degree I was really set free of any bondage that religion had put upon my shoulders.

      So not everybody will be right away excited when we share the Grace/Finished work message. Rather, sometimes I come across people who have an opposite reaction, somewhat like what you are describing. This is a normal part of standing up the the message of the Gospel (Paul talks about this a few times – he even says, have I now become your enemy because I share the truth with you? Gal. 4:16 I think it is).

      Great that you want to learn about your identity and power, because that will indeed help you to get out of any annoying circle with personal issues you might be in.

      For me, it was a process of some years of renewing my mind and starting to think like our Father is thinking and seeing me and things in life.

      Where do you begin. I suggest you soak yourself into Grace teaching. How you can do that is by subscribing to blogs that talk about the Finished Work, Identity etc. like mine – this year I will be launching a full on in depth training on Identity in Christ to help you walk in fullness of Identity and Victory and Potential. This will be video-based and will help you get rid of religious thinking and walk in Freedom. So stay tuned to be the first one to enroll. Also you can check out the page where I have a list of Gospel preachers that I recommend. These guys all talk no-religion, but Just Jesus.

      What I say to those who challenge my teaching? First, I love you tremendously (with the love I receive from the Father, I can’t help but love). Second, what do you think the Scripture says? Third, why do you think that (often we believe what we believe we’ve been told by man-made tradition). Fourth, does this make Jesus bigger or smaller. Fifth, does this make Jesus look better or worse?

      In the end my litmus test is: does this point to Jesus and what He has done or myself and what we must do….(the latter is usually religion talking).



  3. I appreciate what you teach. Grace and gospel:the nearly-too-good-to-be-true-news, yet it s beyond truth; those are barely taught here in my country(madagascar, africa).I ve only heard one native preacher talking about grace and the righteousness of God by faith as you do. So good to know God loves me, takes care of me just because He unconditionnally loves me, that it has nothing to do with who I am or what I did. The only thing you d hear preached in most church here is :”ask God to reveal you your sins, God does not listen to sinners, you ll go to hell if you dont change now, you re an easy target to Satan because you sin…”. God spared my life, a month ago, when I had a dangerous encounter one night, I stumbled upon a group of armed pick pockets, in the middle of nowhere, while I still had many sin issues! NEVER FELT SO LOVED! THANK YOU JESUS! God bless you, brother.