How to experience God’s love – take love breaks

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, discouraged or insignificant? Here’s a tip on how to experience God’s love and not to be troubled in your soul.

My baby girl Anouk and I are playing in the family room. Imagine for a moment that I AM LOVE personified. I ooze with love. From every fibre and cell of my being love is poured out like a constant stream of water.

Here’s the question: what must Anouk do to experience my love?

  • Play more intensely with her toys?
  • Speed up the process from crawling to walking?
  • Not pull my hair for the twenty-third time?

Of course not.

How can Anouk experience the pleasure that papa loves her? All she has to do is to turn her attention to me and drink from the flow of love that I’ve showered on her already and incline her ears to the words I’m continuously speaking over her;

You’re beautiful. I infinitely adore you. You are lovely. I see no flaw in you. You’re perfect in my eyes. You are irresistible. I always rejoice over you and enjoy who you are!

You understand, this is an illustration of God’s way of talking and seeing who you are in Christ. I, as a human father, am learning to see Anouk like God sees her and speak accordingly and – unlike God – I do have moments of irritation and frustration.

Love breaks

You can feel overwhelmed or discouraged when problems pile up and things don’t seem to work out the way you want. How can you be encouraged, feel significant and have confidence again? By taking love-breaks!

What is a love break? It is the time you take to enjoy and feed on the love of Jesus for you.

Take a love break

You can use John 15:9 for this; “I’ve loved you the way my Father has loved me. Make yourselves at home in my love” (Amp.).

How much does Jesus love you? As much as the Father loves Jesus. In other words, the quality of love the Father has for Jesus is the same quality of love He feels toward you! Wow, talk about being significant and special. You are loved by Jesus with the same intensity and desire as the Father loves His Son.

You probably take coffee breaks, lunch breaks and other breaks. Why not do the same in your spiritual life? Take time out for breaks, especially love breaks. During the day, wherever you are, take a moment and let Jesus love on you.

Just sit down and talk to Him; “Thank you Jesus, for loving me. You love me like the Father loves You. Thank You for loving me without conditions. You are beautiful. You find pleasure in who I am. You delight in me as the Father delights in You.”

Bask in His love

Anouk turns her attention to her source of love to experience it. Likewise, to set your mind on Jesus’ love is to allow Him to love you and as a result you’ll experience His affections.

You’re created to enjoy Him enjoying you!

Like a branch that’s at home in the Vine, make yourself at home in His love by taking love breaks to bask in the ocean of His infinite pleasure and happiness. You’ll be surprised how your heart ceases to be troubled and is refreshed and nourished by basking in His affection.

The cure for discouragement, feeling overwhelmed or insignificant is to make yourself again and again aware that the quality of love your Father has for you is the same quality of love He has for His Son. In other words, your Father enjoys you just as much as He enjoys Jesus!

Take a love break 2

Take any moment you want, be still, and say: “Thank You for enjoying me. Father, You enjoy me like You enjoy Jesus!” By doing this your soul comes to rest and the refreshing presence of God in you will flood into your being.

What will make your day is to drink deeply from the Divine Fountain of undiluted pleasure, delight, and love.

To sum up, for you to experience God’s love you can take love-breaks whereby you take time to enjoy an feed on the love of Jesus for you. You’ll be surprised how your heart get’s refreshed and nourished by basking in His affection.

Let yourself enjoy being loved by Him.


  1. JelteCatharina van Dijk says

    awesome! like it a lot…

  2. Ik heb een app (remind) en om de 4 uur (tussen 8 en 22 uur) krijg ik een melding dat Jezus van mij houdt zoals de Vader van Jezus houdt. Werkt erg goed moet ik zeggen.


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