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How To’s

Loving God and loving people

A new phone can be very handy, but if you don’t know how it works, you won’t take advantage of all it’s benefits; and it’s potential is never reached.

Likewise, being a new creation is awesome, but if you don’t know how to walk after your new identity, you won’t use all that’s been given to you and you won’t reach your full potential.

You are meant to know who you are (identity), what you have (inheritance) and what you can do (influence), and nothing less.

Here are some How To’s that will help you in your Grace walk.

How To…

How to Live in JOYFUL FREEDOM Without Condemnation! (Video)

How to Read the Bible Without Getting Confused

How to be a Fruitful Branch! God Cutting off Unfruitful Branches (part 1/2)

How to be a Fruitful Branch! God Prunes Fruitful Branches (part 2/2)

How to Know You’re Not a Branch That’s Cast Out, Withers, and Thrown Into the Fire! Abiding in the Vine

How to Experience God’s Love – Take Love-breaks

How to Discern Law versus Grace to Ensure Your Freedom! (This is part one of a four part series)

How to Heal the Sick: God’s Will About Healing (part 1/2) – (Video)

How to Heal the Sick: 4 Simple Aspects (part 2/2) – (Video)

How to be Free From Fear of Doing the Wrong Thing: Disobedience Might Not Be What You Think it is (Video)

How to Break Free From the Cycle of Motivation-Condemnation-Rededication (This is part one of a two part series)

How Do You Abide In Christ So That You’ll Bear Much Fruit?! (Video)

How Can You Benefit From The New Covenant? And What is Your Part?  (Video)

How To Have An Enjoyable Relationship With God (Video)

How The New Testament Will Start To Make Sense To You (Video)

How To Be Fearless And Bold: Get Into (Not Out Of) Your Comfort Zone! (Video)

How To Bring Heaven On Earth: Using The King’s Power And Authority (Video)

How Prophesies Can Disable You To Be Yourself And Live A Normal Life (Video)

How To Have Christ As Your First Love So That Your Lampstand Won’t Be Removed! (Video)

How to Operate in God’s Power: Interview with Ronald Plat (Video)

More awesome inspiration is on it’s way 🙂

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  1. Evelyn Muegge says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful blogs and videos and especially the Cheat Sheet. I’ve been a Christian for over 60 years–all my life, but I was never taught about the gospel of grace. I love learning about Jesus!
    For many years I have known God has called me to be an intercessor. Now I wonder am I praying according to grace as I intercede for friends and even people I don’t know. Help me in this please.

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