12 Myths About the Gospel of Grace: Book Review “Hyper Grace Gospel”

Are you taking some time off this summer?

Michelle and I are packing our bags to spend a week at my parents place. So we exchange the busy city Amsterdam for the quiet village Maartensdijk. We’re looking forward to it!

Anyway, today I have a video for you.

Here’s what is in the video:

  • How you can easily discern the Gospel of Grace from religion.
  • An overview of the book “Hyper Grace Gospel” written by Paul Ellis.
  • Why the title of the book is “Hyper Grace” and not just “Grace of God” or “Pure Grace.”
  • A Gospel quiz whereby with each statement you need to ask yourself whether it’s true of false.

Click here to watch on YouTube

To view the book “Hyper Grace Gospel” on Amazone head over here.

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  1. Do you have a teaching on Biblical financial prosperity ?