Must Your Nation Return To God’s Law To Be Changed? Not In A Million Years!

Have you ever heard the phrase: “What our nation needs is a return to God’s law.”

Must Your Nation Return To God's Law To Be Changed - Not In A Million Years

I often hear, “the answer to our nation’s problems is a return to God’s law.”

It’s not just untrue, it’s a big fat lie.

However, this is a commonly held belief in the Christian world today.

You hear the evangelists on television get up and shout it…the conservative politicians repeat it… and the Christian public thinks “man that sounds good.”

But that’s all that’s good about this lie, it “sounds” good…

The Search For “God’s Law”

First off, what does the phrase “return to God’s law” mean? We can’t return to it, until we know what it this law is.

So let’s search for a Biblical definition – starting with the Old Testament, shall we?

Here are some Biblical laws…

  • Concubinage (women as breeders).
  • Polygyny (men having multiple wives).
  • Capturing women in battle and forcing them to be wives.
  • Levirate marriages (when your brother dies, you’re required to father a child with your brother’s widow).
  • Fathers forcing their daughters to marry a man that pays the father the marriage price – regardless of the girls wishes.
  • Women as property of husbands.

Do you think you – or your nation – should return to God’s law?

Realize that these are all Biblical laws!

Here’s more.

Exodus 22:16 says,

When a man seduces a virgin who is not yet betrothed, he shall pay the bride-price for her to be his wife. If her father refuses to give her to him, the seducer shall pay in silver a sum equal to the bride-price for virgins.

Deuteronomy 22 tells about a husband’s property rights in his wife.

If a bride was not a virgin at marriage, she was regarded as “damaged merchandise.”

While a girl should be a virgin, nothing in Scripture suggests a man has to be a virgin. A girl’s virginity is only highly valued because she is worth less to her father (who ‘owned’ her until she was married) if she has been slept with.

Surely this male-dominant culture isn’t the one we need to return to in order to “save our nation” is it?

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What About The Laws In The New Testament?

Ok, you understand that we as Christians are no longer under the old “law” – the Old Testament.

You understand that Christ came to fulfill the law with his death and resurrection.


So I guess we go looking for “God’s law” in the New Testament then right?

This is what most Christians do, they jump right in with the Pauline and other New Testament letters looking for some “guidelines… some rules… some moral standards.”

Let’s start with one of the pastoral epistles.

In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, but, which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works. Let a woman learn in silence with all submission. And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence. (1 Tim. 2:9-12)

Women should stop braiding their hair…stop wearing gold and pearls…and stop wearing expensive dresses. (But then again what constitutes expensive? The expensive dress you, as a husband, might buy for you wife is cheap to Bill Gates).

Also, all the female evangelists of today are going to have to quit and start serving tables, because “a return to God’s law” forbids female preachers who teach over men.

And it also would require that no woman holds authority over men…so no more female bosses…or senators…or having women in any other position where they have any authority over men.

It’s all right there in 1 Timothy chapter 2.

Cherry Pickin’ Christians!

So both these examples of God’s law don’t sound so great do they?

Must Your Nation Return To God's Law To Be Changed - Not In A Million Years 1

What We Need Is Christ

So what’s the answer? Here’s what most Christians do: they decide to take parts of the letters and teachings from Paul and other New Testament writers that they like and agree with and apply them to their life as “divine commands”. This then becomes “God’s law.”

Most often Christians like to take the various sexual prohibitions (many of which are poor translations or taken out of context) found in the New Testament and say this is “God’s law, the one we need to return to – if we want to save this “corrupt” nation of ours!”

While completely ignoring the other teachings on the same page, some in the same verses!

But as James told the early church,

For whosoever keeps the Law [as a] whole but stumbles and offends in one [single instance] has become guilty of [breaking] all of it.” (James 2:10, Amplified)

You either keep all of the law, or you’re guilty of breaking all of it.

You can’t “cherry pick” commands you like and commands you don’t if you’re claiming to be following God’s “new law.”

Our nation does NOT need a return to God’s law…

What we need is Christ!

Must Your Nation Return To God's Law To Be Changed - Not In A Million Years 2

Coming to Christ, receiving His spirit through the process of salvation, and allowing Him to express Himself through us each and every day is the answer to our nation’s problems.

Not to look for a set of “laws” to follow!

Christ is God…God is Love…therefore Christ IS Love.

Christ gave a new commandment “Love others AS I have loved you.”

Paul echoes this statement in his letters.

Note, that you can have all the spiritual gifts in the world, and do all the most “Christian” acts in the world, but if you don’t have love – they’re worthless! (1 Cor. 13:1-9)

Allowing Christ to express Himself through you each and every day means you’ll start loving more…being more understanding… showing more empathy and having more mercy with your fellow man…

More of all the “good stuff.”

So the idea that “our nation needs a return to God’s law” sounds good on the outside, until you dig deep to find examples of that law, and find out you’d rather not have it.

No, what our nation needs is “a return to Christ” with no extra laws, rules, regulations, or moral standards derived from cherry picking which scriptures we agree with and which ones we don’t!

Your country won’t experience lasting change by having “Christian” prayers back in the schools or having more Bibles in the homes of people, or having the 10 Commandments pinned on the wall of your church or government office.

That won’t cut it!

Neither can we expect lasting transformation by depending on the political arena.

Politicians are mere men and woman…how can we expect a supernatural change from natural people?

You know what our nations needs?

What will bring lasting change?

Christ in the hearts of people will do it!

Only transformed people – in their hearts – will transform nations.

I’m gone, ~Poof~

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  1. Hey Bas,

    Thank you once again for sharing the simple Gospel. Jesus is the end of the law.

    For us (or our nations) to continue in the law would be a gross abuse of God’s Grace.

    u r gr8ly blessed!

  2. I sometimes just wonder why such laws of the old testament(which you mention in this post)
    were given by God. There is lot of discrimination and inequality. In Christ we are all the same, whether sons or daughters.

    • I used to wonder that as well, and as a woman, it really bothered me. Then I started listening this Jewish radio talk show host (Denis Prager), and he said some things that really helped me with that. It was years ago, so I may not be remembering it exactly, but as I remember it, he pointed out that even though God permitted polygyny in the Old Testament, there is not a single positive example of it in the Bible. He pointed out that every single time an example is shown, it always causes problems (i.e. one is loved and one is not etc).
      I also had another epiphany about the laws regarding women in the Old Testament because of an article I read about honor violence in Pakistan. You’re probably aware that in that part of the world, a wife, daughter, or female relative can be put to death if anyone even suspects she has been fooling around, or been raped.
      That has probably been the case for thousands of years, everywhere in the middle east, except among the Jews. Because of Torah law, if a man suspected his wife had committed adultery, he had to bring her before the council. The Torah also protected rape survivors from being killed as if they were mere unsalvageable property.
      If God could have brought the people of antiquity from women-as-chattel straight to the days of equal pay, voting rights, and monogamy, I’m sure He would have. But due to the hardness of peoples’ hearts, He met them where they were at, and gave them laws that (although they seem barbaric to us at times) were light years ahead of many cultures even today, in terms of human rights.
      It was never God’s intention for women to be treated or regarded as property, and the true spirit of God’s intentions toward women was continued in the New Testament, when men were admonished to give honor to women as to the weaker vessel (not saying they necessarily are weaker, but to honor them as if they are), and elsewhere it says men and women are joint heirs.

  3. Nice one Bas! I love the simplicity of it! Thanks for sharing.