How The New Testament Will Start To Make Sense To You

Have you ever wondered why is it that there are over 30.000 different denominations in the Christian world and that we all claim to be true to the Word of God?

Do you know how it can be that we have many church practices and theological beliefs that are not rooted in Scriptural principle, and yet we read them back into the New Testament?

The problem is with our approach to the New Testament.

How The New Testament Will Start To Make Sense To You

This video explains why there are so many different interpretations of Scripture and how the New Testament will start to make sense you.

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  1. Hey Bas,

    I watched the video and I’d like to have more information and the article you spoke about. Somehow I cannot find the link you were talking about… :-p Can you send me the material you were talking about?

    Be blessed,

  2. Hello Bas I thank you all for teaching us the grace message of our Lord Jesus Christ that really made me so whole, at peace and at rest. Overflowing gratefulness to our Lord Jesus. Thank you. It’s just i am now attending a church where they dont see and understand yet about just receiving from God and not through anything any sacrifice and everytime i talked and share to them about, most of them as well as the pastor always thinks i should be careful on what i listened to or believe. It seems like what i say is always againts whst they believe and that is nit only through grace but also works or self effort. Sometimes i sm asking The Lord God if He still wants me to stay in this church. Thank you. I always pray for you all who preach and teach about the Good News and thats the grace of God. Agie

    • Bas Rijksen says

      Hi Agie,

      So good to hear you are blessed by my teachings.

      It’s the best thing in the world, isn’t it. Christ and what He did for us, thus who we are now in Him!

      I understand you have much resistance. It’s part of the game so to speak, when you get a hold of grace.

      The good thing is that in the end it’s the Holy Spirit who leads people into all Truth.


  3. Wow I have learned so much from you. Thank you.