How to Walk in Fullness of Identity: Online Training Course On The Horizon

First of all I want to say how much I appreciate you being part of my readership. It’s a pleasure to be able to help you by providing some insights the Lord has given me over the years. I also love the interaction that I have with so many of you as a result of the blog posts and videos.

Working on the Freedom Course

Freedom Course

Secondly, you might know that I am creating an online Training Course.

This “Freedom Course” takes a deep dive into the centrality of the finished work of Christ and is about learning how to walk in the fullness of your true identity.

The purpose is to help you experience the full manifestation of all that Christ has done and given in context of your true identity.

In other words, this course is designed to remove all law related burdens such as guilt, inferiority, shame and sin-consciousness and allows you to find lasting peace, happiness and freedom. It helps you to radically renew your mind and live in confidence to achieve your full potential.

All the teachings will be recorded on video with the use of powerpoint, images, etc.

I’ve been teaching the Finished Work of Christ message for almost 10 years and has set hundreds – maybe even thousands – of people free from the yoke of dead religious works that in turn equipped them to set others free.

Less is More

In a recent survey 80,77% of you said to be interested in an online “Freedom Course,” so I’ve started to set time aside to work on it.

Because I work with a deadline by which it must be finished, I won’t be able to provide weekly blog posts any more. Instead, you’ll be receiving a blog post every other week from now on. Later on I’ll be re-evaluating this decision to see if we go back to weekly posts or not.

In this scenario “less is more.” There will be less content available on a short-term basis (via blog posts), but much more content available on a long-term basis (via the online Course).

Lastly, because you are part of ‘my tribe’ you’ll be the first one to hear about the official launch of the Freedom Course, thus the first one to be able to benefit too.

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  1. This course sounds awesome! I can’t wait to hear the details!

  2. Dave Holden says

    Thank you Bas. This will be extremely helpful to many. God bless you and your family!

  3. John Williams says

    Hi. People get saved then told to walk in the Spirit. Rely on the Spirit etc. How do u get into the Spirit or out of it. Is it like walking into a cloud then walking. What is the Spirit in you. Is it a single spirit like say an apple inside of us but a separate thing floating around. Being lead by the spirit, dose that mean inside or outside or both. It seems like The Spirit is so easy for Christians to say in there conversation yet I find very vague. I listened yo Andrew Womack but more than one opinion would be nice. Without better teaching one gets saved then try’s to live the Christian life by self effort so to speak. Thank you.

    • Bas Rijksen says

      I would rather say; to walk after the Spirit, aka relying on the Spirit. The way to do that is to know who we are in Christ and staying aware of the indwelling presence of Christ. Rom. 8:6 gives basically the answer.
      In short, being led by the Spirit is just being yourself. Because it’s no longer you, but Christ living in you.
      It’s living from the normal new creation self is to be led by the Spirit. You are God are one. As we live from our oneness with Him, we’re walking after the Spirit and being led by Him. It’s not that complicated, but religion has made it very complicated.

      Plus as I said before. The truth is, since you are in Christ, you are always – 24/7 – in the Spirit (Rom. 8:9). That means you are never in and out of the spirit because you are securely seated in heavenly places and always in the Father’s embrace. We might not always be aware of this and not experience this, but it’s true nonetheless that you and I are always in the spirit for we live, move and exist in Him! (Acts 17:28). However that does not mean that we always walk after the spirit – that is who we are in Christ. We can certainly walk after the flesh, our own strength and such. But all that’s needed to walk after the Spirit is to be aware/conscious of who’s in you and who you are in Him. Because what you believe about your true self you’ll manifest.

  4. Phil LaColla says

    Thank you Bas, I can’t wait to get started to learn more. Please continue to pray for my son-in-law Tony. There has not been a change since I spoke with you last. We are still believing that he has received his healing even though we see no physical change as of yet. Thank You and God Bless you and Yours, Sincerely, Phil

    • Bas Rijksen says

      I am believing amd praying with you! Jesus did indeed paid the price, gave us His healing already and we’re standing on the truth of the Word that believers shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Keep us posted

  5. gail blauvelt says

    I have been born again for close to 30 years. I had a beautiful conversion experience as I sat alone in my living room. The Holy spirit poured out a revelation of God’s love for me and what Jesus had done for me. Having no “religious” back ground and being blessed to find a mentor who who taught me from the word I grew in Christ’s love and compassion and lived to serve Him from my heart.. I never gave a thought to if I was acceptable to God by works. But over the years religious teaching,( a subtle, confusing message of grace plus works to be saved) crept in, doubt from the enemy etc caused me to fall into this shame, condemnation cycle. I lost my joy, confidence in God’s love for me. It has been painful. But as I have been listening to your word I have been feeling these burdens lift as the revelation by the holy spirit shines through. On my second time last night of listening to your you-tube message “How to be Free From Fear of Doing the Wrong Thing; Disobedience Might Not Be What You Think It Is” I literally felt as if a ton of bricks had come off my body. It had been as if I were buried and someone had freed me, I felt born again again. I pray that I will continue to be free of this yoke and enter His rest, and come to more revelation of who I am in Christ and His love. Thank you

    • Bas Rijksen says

      I’m so thrilled to hear from you and what happened to you as you were taking in the truth of the Gospel!

      You should feel a whole lot lighter now that a ton of briks have come off your body! Praise God!

      Thank you for sharing. I pray that you’ll continue to be set free from any unhealthy religious yoke so that you’ll walk in the fullness of your identity to enjoy freedom and fulfill your dreams with passion.

  6. Thank you Bas. I found a YouTube video yesterday and I’m having a blast listening to the grace message. I sat at Joseph Prince’s feet and Andrew Wommack’s too, so I definitely hear the same thread of Grace as I did from them. Being from a mixed legalistic plus spiritual religious home and wandering aimlessly avoiding being a victim of circumstance and/or ingesting the same old mixture of law and grace in the churches I seek answers from, I was beginning to lose hope and direction so praise God I found your videos!!its a slippery slope to fall back into. again, thank you.

    • Bas Rijksen says

      Hi Valerie,

      Great to hear from you sister!

      I love it that you’re having a blast listening to the grace messages I’ve put out.

      Yes, it’s so needed that we don’t expose ourselves to mixed-grace messages! It kills our faith, hope, freedom, joy, etc. I don’t have to tell you that 🙂

      You don’t have to lose hope indeed. Just stay tuned to get your regular dose of grace-inspiration! That’s our medicine for today as believers under grace…

      In His embrace,