How Prophesies Can Disable You to Be Yourself

In the name of prophesying, we often talk people out of their ability to just be themselves and live normal lives.

You’re going to shake nations, and stand before Kings and Queens…No one will be able to stand against the words you speak…signs and wonders will follow you all the days of your life, and God is going to bring you into nations where the Gospel has never been, blah, blah, blah…

What happens to that young man once he’s become a husband and a father, and needs to work for a living in order to keep a roof over his kids heads and food on the table?

When he finds that his life does not match up with the unattainable epic words spoken over him, he’ll become discontent and disappointed with life…

…suddenly, his wife and children look to him like hindrances to him walking out his destiny, or, worse yet, they become mistakes that he made that aborted the will of God for his life. Not only he, but his whole family will suffer.

He’s misarable, and they are mistakes.

In this video:

  • How prophecies can disable you to be yourself and cause your whole family suffer.
  • How you can speak greatness over people without potentially disabling them.
  • How important it is to know your identity in Christ.

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Question: what is your experience with receiving or giving prophecies? Click here to comment.

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  1. Laurence Brill :-) says

    Hi ALL!

    I was prophesied over about 25 years ago and part of the words I remember said (roughly), that…
    ‘My feet would tread the nations’, and
    ‘My ministry would go as far as my wife allowed it’. (They were spoken to my wife at the time, but I felt the words were inextricably linked. Unfortunately, we are no longer together after 24 years)

    I have not really held the words as absolute, but as a potential. When I say potential, I actually mean a very real potential, as I explain below.

    This has helped me to not be dogmatic about the words spoken over me, because if the speaker was not right, then I would be bound up by words that were not from our heavenly Dad.

    Something very interesting happened about two weeks later in that another visiting speaker gave prophesies over some of the flock. I was not seeking any word for myself as I was entirely satisfied with what had been spoken over me before. After everyone sat down, and the speaker was preparing himself to give the message, he stopped, looked at me, and called me out. He then pretty much spoke exactly the same words over me that the other fellow did two weeks prior. This had in all seriousness become very real now for me. I do hold it as having substance, however I am still the clay & God the potter & I do wish to fulfil this part of my life. I can actually see the growing potential of how it could well become reality in the near future with my work.

    I suppose if God is eternal, and knows the beginning from the end, then He knows what is going to happen (or what is yet to happen!). Bit of a trick getting our human brain around that ‘outside of time’ stuff! And, if He knows, then He knows if I am going to be a faithful son & fulfil that work as my part of the labour in the fields.

    I was very much encouraged, and still believe that it is entirely possible, as Gods timing and ours is usually different!

    • Thank you for sharing Laurence.

      This seems to me such a healthy approach over those words that you’ve received way back.

      Hope many people will read this and be encouraged by it…