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Outside of Christ, I would seek to encounter God.

In Christ I am in a permanent encounter with God.

Therefore, I am not seeking for the encounter of a life-time;

I am in a lifetime of encounter!

Life isn’t so much about what YOU believe about God. It’s more about what GOD believes about you!
The more you understand what HE believes about you, the more you’re FREE to express the real YOU.
Have you ever tried to balance Grace and Truth? It’s tiring; you can’t.Where religion draws a line between Grace and Truth (Grace at one side of the line and Truth at the other side), the Bible puts Grace and Truth on the same side of the line.Then, on the other side we put legalism.Grace and Truth came trough Jesus (John 1:17). He IS Grace. He IS Truth.Grace and Truth are synonymous.Since you are ONE WITH HIM you can’t balance Grace and Truth!What is left for me to do then? Allowing Christ – who is Grace and Truth – to live His life through you.


God is everywhere! IN you. WITH you. AROUND you.

The million dollar question is: are you AWARE?

God is not coming down one day – pouring out His Spirit – to visit you.

Instead of waiting for a VISITATION, know that you are His HABITATION!

Enjoy His Presence Today.


Jesus didn’t come to change God’s mind about us but to change our minds about God.


I DON’T LIVE TO PLEASE GOD (I hope you don’t either). I live from the place of BEING His pleasure!” He’s pleased with me based on Jesus’ performance. Not mine.

Here’s how Watchman Nee says it: “What does it mean in everyday life to be delivered from the Law? At risk of a little overstatement I reply: It means that henceforth I am going to do nothing whatever for God; I AM NEVER AGAIN GOING TO TRY TO PLEASE HIM. ‘What a doctrine!’ you exclaim. ‘What awful heresy! You cannot possibly mean that!’ But remember, if I try to please God ‘in the flesh,’ then immediately I place myself under the Law.”

May you see that YOU ARE GOD’S PLEASURE (so you’ll stop trying to please Him).

In your conversations with your Father today say, “I AM YOUR PLEASURE” and notice how soon joy unspeakable erupts in your heart.


You are not a sinner saved by grace, but a holy saint. Know you’re a saint and you’ll live like one without a life-long struggle with sin – because your sin nature is replaced with His holy nature. Enjoy your sainthood!


Dear fellow-citizens. You have died to your old self (Rom. 6:6).

Therefore, let nobody sell you the lie that “you still need to die to your self.”

Like every lie, it causes you to focus on you instead of Christ and who you are in Him.

It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set you free! Whoop. Whoop.


The gospel is not just a message of how to enter heaven, but of how God emptied heaven to enter man. You are heaven on earth!


You are a FINISHED, COMPLETED, PERFECT work of the cross!

Therefore, telling yourself “I am a work in progress” and “nobody is perfect” is like spiting on the cross; an insult to the One by whose sacrifice YOU HAVE BEEN MADE PERFECT FOREVER! (Heb. 10:14)


Sanctification is not a process. It’s a Person (1 Cor. 1:30).

Therefore, you don’t work at your sanctification.

There’s nothing you can do that can make you more sanctified.

Rest in the fact you have been sanctified (Heb. 10:14).

Thank you, Jesus!


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