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I have just discovered your Video Series. Thank you! I feel like a “little girl.” I am so happy – I want to take your courses when they are available! – Jill Nivison, U.S.

1. Video Course: “How To Enjoy Life Life In Christ & Get Things Done”

Click HERE for more information on how you can gain access to the training material that help you experience intimacy with God in the context of your busy life and feel confident all day, every day.

Note: you will be redirected to Grace Gaze Academy, which is the platform where I’ve put all the transformative course under one umbrella, including the ones on this page.

2. Video Course: “Discover Your Radical Freedom In Christ To Live A Grace-Filled Life”

This RADICAL FREEDOM COURSE takes a deep dive into the centrality of the finished work of Christ and is about learning how to experience the full manifestation of all that Christ has done and given in context of your true identity. Click ! Head over HERE for more information.

Note: you will be redirected to Grace Gaze Academy, which is the platform where I’ve put all the transformative course under one umbrella, including the ones on this page.


  1. Came across your ministry site today and love it! I’ve been asking the Lord for some real concrete clarity between law and grace which I think is a huge dilemma in the body of Christ and your site brings those answers.


    • Bas Rijksen says

      Hi Sonja. You finding this website is the answer to your prayer then!

      Yes, the absence of clarity between law and grace is the biggest dilemma for it hinders us in ALL aspects of our walk with the Lord and our walking out of our calling!

      You are blessed,


  2. Moacir C. Melo says

    Hello Bas, I,m from Brazil, I just discovery you, as for long time I was listening to the preaching of Robert Lyte.

    I want to know more of you, who you are, where you live, what,s your family religious background, etc …

    Thank you!

  3. God gifted me finding your videos on YouTube today – I finally am laughing rediculously in joy for the grace I now understand! God has really blessed you and in turn many many people will become more free!!! Can you please send the 101 Simple Comparisons between law and grace to prevent condemnation and live in joyful freedom cheat sheet to me? In fact any resources you’re willing to send to me I would greatly appreciate – it will change my life

    • Eric, that’s so awesome you have started to grasp grace and thus are experiencing and enjoying more and more abundant LIFE in Christ.

      Yes, you can get the 101 comparisons here –>

      And today I threw out a special birthday deal and am giving my flag ship course on Grace away at a crazy discount…check it out now before it’s too late –>

      Once you signed up for this course, on the inside of the membership area you can to the “Other Course Available” and click on the yellow button below that and that will take you to the other Grace-filled course.

      You are blessed,


  4. Hi Bas

    My partner and I discovered your videos on youtube recently and have really enjoyed learning more about Grace. We come across different preachers and then get turned away the more we listen and start noticing the mix between law and Grace. However we have loved your preaching so far and probably watched over 15 videos now. I wanted to start doing your courses to deepen my understanding with Grace and then found a disheartening concern that I must ask, it tends to turn us away from preachers… Jesus always healed and ministered on Earth freely yes? and now he ministers through the holy spirit to us…freely yes? So whenever I come across a preacher who ‘charges’ people to learn about him which should be free knowledge to all as we are to spread ‘the gospel of good news’ to everybody… Why do you charge for your courses?in a way I always feel like this knowledge should be free? All things are given freely so why therefore are you charging for ‘deeper understanding’ of this? I am sincere in wanting to know this answer as I have been praying to God to send us a Pastor or someone of higher knowledge to help guide my family and I into a deeper understanding of Grace and then always seem to be let down when we ‘think’ we have found one and then we hit a red flag…Can you please shed some light on this for me?

    Look forward to your reply



    • Bas Rijksen says

      Hi Vennessa,

      Than you for reaching out to me.

      Good to hear you’re enjoying my teachings.

      Free things are great because we all love FREE, don’t we?

      However, I ask for a small contribution for the courses I offer for two reason:

      1) When training ,or anything else for that matter, is for free, people don’t tend to value that!

      So, in general, people don’t value what’s free.

      Thus, many might end up signing up for the course, but never going all the way through it since they don’t see it/consider it as valuable enough since they didn’t had to put some hard earned money in it.

      I don’t make these courses for people to just sign up for, but to actually go through it and be committed to learn and go deeper. Asking money helps to reach that goal.

      2. Obtaining membership software, hosting video’s on a reliable video service provider, getting video editing software + video camera’s and equipment all cost…

      So there’s a tiny sign up fee to cover these costs.

      Hope that helps,


  5. Hello Bas,

    Congratulations on your new endeavor! I read it on your Facebook post. God will do even greater than this. I also wanted to know if you will be posting anything on your Facebook page any time soon. No rush. Family is more important and please enjoy them. Love you man.

  6. LaShaun Currie says

    Hey bas thank you for your dedication to the gospel and sharing it. Man I’ve been in ministry for so long and have dealt with guilt and condemnation for years. As you may know it is a awful revolving door. When I was in prayer I asked God for clarity and to see things through his eyes. So the next morning the Holy Spirit told me to go to your Website. Thanks to the gift God has giving you in communicating grace to believers now I am in a journey with the Lord to a whole new outlook on who he is. I’ve been really eager to share this with people but the Lord told me this is for me. A lot of believers aren’t ready to receive this but has I grow in grace, then I can begin to share the true gospel. Oh by the way your Cheat sheet 101 is dope it really blows tradition out of the water. How long did it take you to really get a hold of this?

    • Bas Rijksen says

      Thank you for your kinds words and encouragment LaShaun.

      Go for it. Share the Gospel with all who want to hear 🙂

      It was very gradual. I can’t put a time frame on how long it took for me to get a hold of the Gospel.

      I kep feeding myself with pure Grace teaching untill I started to see it more and more clear. And it got more and more exciting with it!


  7. I am listening to Why I don’t Go to Church Anymore on YouTube. I have been so tired and bored of church for years now, ever since I got a hold of the full gospel message and Holy Spirit. The thing is, my husband isn’t on board with me and we have 3 children who we are trying to raise to love Jesus, know Him and help others to know Him too. I am SO DONE with church. I don’t want to go anymore. And yet I want to be united with my husband in spiritual matters, and wish to present a unity for our children. I don’t know what to do. I know God has so much more for us!! And yet my husband is stuck in tradition. 🙁 THanks for your resources.

  8. Then if church not needed how to receive baptism and holy spirit?can you explain.


  9. Thank you for your Ministry.

    I just downloaded your ‘cheat sheet’ and have a suggestion.

    Bible references to each point would be very useful.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi Bas,
    In late 2020 I discovered your videos on Youtube, I have been a Christian for over 35 years and have just started to truly understand the gift of grace at the cross, thanks to your videos. When you explain thinks its like my spirit wants to jump out of me in joy, you have a very special gift and ministry and would like to encourage you to continue producing content, there aren’t too many preachers who preach grace like you do. I have listened to other preachers on grace like Joseph Prince, but his preaching scares me as he is into hyper grace and prosperity gospel.

    I would love to take your course, is it still available ?


    • Hi Rene,

      You are welcome, and thank you for your encouragement…I am in fact started to think about possibly picking up making content again after a few years having focussed on building some businesses.

      Yes, the course is still available, you can sign up here:

      You will like this!


  11. Bas,
    It’s 2022. I’m turning 50 and have 5 children I’m trying to lead to the Lord. I’ve been a confused believer all my life. I’ve struggled so mightily that God, in His mercy, finally brought me to your videos. I’m sharing with other scared, confused believers. I feel lighter than air! I finally understand! I started out Catholic, then Lutheran, then Charismatic, then Jewish Roots (Messianic Judaism)! You can see why the confusion – and all this was just in my growing up to young adult years! As an adult, I’ve tried to sort it out to no avail. Calvinism, Arminianism, and all the other Reformed and non – reformed ism’s leave genuine seekers of truth in such a quandary. I couldn’t read the Bible without feeling condemned! I would close the Bible and just resolve to throw myself at the mercy of God and hope for His forgiveness. Now I’m understanding how to read scriptures and how God relates to me thanks to you. Oh how thankful I am God saved you in order to minister the truth of grace to others. I’m praising and thanking God for His gift of grace through belief in His Son!
    Can you speak to Old Testament believers and how God saved them? I have always understood grace has always been, since the beginning of time, for those who hoped and waited expectantly for a Messiah to take away their sins. Those who died in faith of His coming were saved by the grace that was to come. Is that your take? Thank you Bas, so SO much for showing me how Jesus made crooked paths straight!

    • Bas Rijksen says

      Hi Rebecca, thank you for sharing your testimony – makes my day to hear I was part of helping you thus far in your Grace walk.

      Indeed, God saved everybody before the creation as Eph 1 and in Col it states that we were all in Christ before the foundation of the world, so gracce has always been indeed – and those who died in faith were saved by the grace that was, is and is to come 🙂 It’s an eternal truth/reality that everyone is included in but not experienced subjectively by everyone (yet).

      Btw, I’m coming out with a daily devotional focusing on all this in a few weeks – so stay tuned

  12. Oh yay! I will stay tuned for that and am going to be taking your course too! So excited! Bless you Bas!

  13. Hello
    I have been married to Mr. Grace (Jesus!) since I was a little girl. I am not ashamed to admit that the Epistles have literally frustrated me to tears. I struggle to read them through the “Grace Glasses.” A big part of the problem seems to stem from the fact that it is difficult to understand in what context they were written, and why. So they are confusing. In short, they are still Greek to me! Any recommendations on understanding the Epistles through Grace?
    Thank you and may God Bless you always

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