Myth Busted: Sin Does NOT Give The Devil A Right (Legal Ground) In Your Life!

It’s myth busting time!

In this post we’ll bust two myths…

One says “sin gives the devil the right to operate in your life.”

And the other says, “the devil can have legal ground if you do something bad.”

Neither is true. In this post you’ll see why.

Myth Busted - Sin Does NOT Give The Devil A Right (Legal Ground) In Your Life1

Let’s say, I own a car. It is legally my possession. Without giving permission you take my keys and get my car. Can you say, “you have legally my car?” No. Only when you own my car you have legal ground to stand on and say that you have legally my car.

In regards to your Christian life, you are not your own. You are bought with a price, the blood of Jesus. You’ve changed masters. Jesus is the owner. You are Jesus’ legal possession.

Because you are legally His, the devil has no right to steal from you, neither can you ever give him so called “legal ground” in your life. The devil is a thief. And what a thief does is per definition illegal.

Can you see that the idea of “I gave the devil legal ground” doesn’t line up with the truth?

Here’s another way of looking at it…

The word authority means the right to do something. Jesus has all authority, that means the devil has none. Therefore, you can’t give the devil authority (the right to do something) despite of sinful actions…therefore he cannot have legal ground.

A thief does not have authority, but he does have ability to steal. We must not mix the two.

The devil doesn’t have authority any more then a bank robber has the authority to take money out of the bank, but he still does it.

Does the bank robber have the right to be stealing in the bank?

Does he have legal ground when he’s in bank?


He has no right, and he has no legal ground. It’s actually illegal ground for him to operate. So it is with the devil.

Even though the devil does have the ability to steal, he has zero authority, meaning he has absolute no right to operate in your life. Neither can you ever give him “legal ground,” regardless if you do something bad. Why? Because you belong to Jesus. You are His legal possession.

So the idea that sin gives the devil the right to operate in your life or that he can have legal ground is a lie.

Note: I am not saying “go and live like the devil…Just sin and grace will cover you.” No.

Grace has set you free from sin to not sin.

Grace empowers you to live upright and holy.

Grace is the divine influence to be all you’re called to be and to do all you’re called to do.

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No Steps To Freedom: You Are Free!

My point is that sin doesn’t give the devil a right to you nor gives him “legal ground!” He is a thief and a thief steals that which he has no right to.

If your sin gives him a right or legal ground, he would not be a thief and you would be in the wrong for casting him out.

Sin does however make it much easier for him to destroy areas of your life.

If I lock my car in my garage with the alarm set and the gear lock on, a thief can still steal it, but it would be harder.

If I leave my car unlocked in a dark alley in a shady part of town with the key in the ignition, there is a much higher chance of it being stolen, but just because I did something dumb doesn’t give the thief rights to my car. Theft is theft.

It would be ignorance to say, “Sin opened the door to the devil, that gave it a right (legal ground) to operate.” No, it didn’t.

Sin doesn’t give demons the right to oppress you.

Demons steal, which is inherently illegal. Nobody ever has a right to steal. If they had a right to steal, it wouldn’t be called stealing in the first place.

But still you might wonder, “How can grace-believing, presence-encountering, healing-administering believers be influenced by demons and sometimes need to be set free? Simple answer, because demons steal.

Often people try to justify the demon’s occupation because of sin. They’ll say, “Sin opened the door to the devil, that gave it a right to operate.” No, it didn’t.

Sin doesn’t give the devil a right to you…Sin doesn’t give him “legal ground.”

So don’t let anyone talk you into this false idea that because of some past event, or sinful action that you can gave the devil “legal ground”…

No matter how wise the person looks like or sounds…

Especially those who are so called into “deliverance ministry.”

Often, not always, what’s created through the so called “deliverance” ministries is co-dependency (and a lot of money to with books, seminars, etc.).

People will tell you a lie saying things like,

Well brother/sister, probably you have given the devil legal ground due to your past and bad behavior…here fill out a long lists of your history and the naughty things you’ve done….then after 40 days of filling out papers, praying and fasting we’ll get together to kick the devil out and set you free.

What’s the result of  this approach?

The result is that,

  1. You become dependent on the people who are suppose to set you free.
  2. These people have their ego-boosted for they are the experts who are in the “know how”…who knows the secrets and who have the ability to set you free.
  3. You are burning your time and sometimes even losing money.
  4. And on top of that you’ll feel you’re not ready enough, not complete enough, not healed, enough, and not competent enough to do what you’re suppose to do…after all, there’s so much cleaning up and restoration that needs to happen, right?

Not everything we do is reflected in the life and ministry of Jesus but are sometimes man-made techniques, formulas and steps that are intended to help people get healed, delivered and restored.

Even though you might have heard stories how people have been blessed by wise-sounding deliverance techniques or even if you yourself have reaped benefit from some introspective-navel-staring-digging-up-your-past-breaking-of-curses-process or healing sessions, that doesn’t mean that those approaches are theologically correct.

Here’s the thing…

God will meet you where your faith is.

Even when it’s misplaced faith, it’ll work for you because you’ll experience what you belief. But that doesn’t mean the approach behind any deliverance (or healing) program is sound.

Please note: I’m all for deliverance…just not through a long drawn out process of many days, weeks or months with using a 7-step, 12-step or 21-step program to freedom, but by doing things more the way it’s reflected in Jesus’ life and ministry.

It also tends to be more efficient and less time consuming 🙂

Myth Busted - Sin Does NOT Give The Devil A Right (Legal Ground) In Your Life

Jesus Is Perfect Theology

Jesus is perfect theology. If what you believe on how to minister is not reflected by Jesus or the way He ministered, you are most likely building a traditional conviction.

Here are some questions to ask when you read about Jesus or the disciples setting people free or healing sick people.

  • How did Jesus set people free? Did He pray for the oppressed and sick?
  • Did He ever ask God to set them free?
  • Did He create an atmosphere through worship before ministering?
  • Did He fast? Did He ask people what sin they were in before He helped them?
  • Did He talk about the enemy having “legal ground” in their lives?
  • Did He get people to confess their sins before He healed them?


Did He ever say,

  • “Sorry, I can’t set you free, I can’t heal you now, it is not God’s time?”
  • “Sorry, this is a generational curse, go dig into your past first?”
  • “Sorry, this sickness is here to teach you something. Once you’ve learned your lesson, come see Me again?”
  • “Sorry, the anointing lifted, I can’t help you until it returns?”
  • “Sorry, you need more faith?”


He never said such baloney…

Neither should we as His representatives.

So think about what you believe about how to operate in God’s power and how to heal people and set them free…

Ask yourself this question: is what I believe and do reflected by Jesus and the way He ministered? If not, you are most likely building your house on quicksand.

If you don’t see Jesus do it, it’s probably a good idea to not do it either.

Last weekend I was called by a believing woman to visit her 3 friends who had gathered in an apartment, who were sick and wanted to get healed.

All three sick friends were unbelievers.

Of the three unbelievers 2 had cancer and I found out that the third person had a spirit of infirmity which caused a host of physical ailments.

What was my approach?

Have them sign up for a 7-step program to get them free?

Let them first renounce the devil, generational curses, confess their sins and their pride?

Tell them that their unbelief would hinder God’s power to flow through me?

Of course not…

Jesus didn’t say or do these things, so neither should I.

I put each person on a chair one by one and simply used my God-given authority to command the cancers to disappear and the evil spirits to come out and to not return.

The result?

All three experienced God’s love and healing power in a tangible way!

The room was filled with joy and laughter during this time because the ladies felt peaceful, warmth and were thrilled that this “Jesus-thing” worked.

Instead of it being a so called “healing & deliverance” time, it was actually more a “Joyous-Getting-High-On-Jesus-time.”

You Are Complete & Wholesome

Back to the main thought. Here’s the painful result when you believe the lie that sin gives the devil a right to you and that he can have legal ground in your life…

You won’t actively fight the good fight of faith.

When you believe the devil does have authority you won’t fight because you think “I gave him authority, he’s got a right to be here, so until I confess my sin, my ancestor’s sin, and break a thousand curses AND quit doing what gave him authority to come in, I can’t live in joyful freedom and help others to walk in fullness of identity and power.”

You think the devil has authority because you’ve been taught you give him authority by doing something bad.

The idea is “Well, I gave the devil authority (legal ground), therefore he’s got a right to be here, until I get rid of this thing, or quit doing this or that.”

Friend, Jesus stripped the devil of his authority and he has no rights whatsoever.

Because you are Gods legal possession the devil cannot lay any claim on you nor is it possible that you ever give him any “legal ground” in your life.

The devil works through deception and he only has free reign in your life to the degree you believe his lies, including the lie that says “you give him a right into your life by doing something bad.”

Every lie from the enemy is designed to keep you self-conscious instead of Christ-conscious.

Myth Busted - Sin Does NOT Give The Devil A Right (Legal Ground) In Your Life2

The lie about “legal ground” causes you to be afraid (whereas love casts out all fear), it causes you to search for dark corners in your heart (whereas there is no darkness in your true heart because of Mr. Light Himself living there), it causes you to dig up stuff while being worried if you are cleaned up enough yet (while you are as clean as Jesus is clean before the Father).

I suggest we just start to see ourselves the way God see us and we’ll be a bunch of happy, holy and contagious people .

When you find yourself needing healing or deliverance, don’t go digging around in the dark corners of your past, sifting through the rubble of old pains and hurts, or gazing into the broken looking glass of years gone by.

Don’t look upon all of your broken vows, or times of spiritual indifference, thinking they are the cure for you misery and pain!

Look at the face of Jesus!

To behold Him is to see you are a 100% healed, delivered and wholesome in who you are – that’s in your spiritman – and as a result of beholding Him you’ll become wholesome in your physical self.

You’ll only experience restoration in your soul by seeing that you are already restored, healed, delivered and made perfect due to your new birth.

To behold Jesus is to behold who you truly are (2 Cor 3:18, 1 John 4:17)!

It is only after coming to grips with the reality of Christ in you that anything will truly change in your life.

Am I saying that programs or principles to healing and recovery are wrong? No.

The crux however, is to not look to, or trust, in the program and principles itself or depend on the people ministering to you.

If you join a program or deliverance session keep looking and depending on Jesus alone.

Healing, deliverance, restoration only comes from trusting and looking, to the One who already has healed, delivered and restored you.

To the degree you see, by revelation, that you already are healed, delivered, perfect and wholesome to that degree you’ll experience healing, restoration and wholesomeness in your soul and body.

So of course, there is a place for having other believers come alongside and minister to you. That’s sometimes needed and helpful.

But my point here is that to experience freedom from anything that’s hindering you in your gracewalk is not found in formulas, or techniques, or 7-step programs, or in any charismatic dodo-vodoo, but your freedom is found through awareness that you were already free all along.

My friend, you don’t become free, you are already free.

There are no steps to freedom.

You are free!

Seeing it, is experiencing it, without using formulas and steps.

Enjoy your FREEDOM!

I am,

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  1. Thank you Bas,

    Once again the beautiful truth of God’s Grace displayed in your teaching … and the myth busted!

    Please keep posting the undiluted Gospel of Grace!

    Glory to God!

  2. Steve Kinkle says

    Thank you so much for your teaching. I have been going to a Independant fundemental baptist church for a long time and have been taught a lot of unscriptural legalistic man made doctrine that has kept me in bondage for a long time. God is bringing me out. Thank you again.

    • Bas Rijksen says

      Good idea Steve. Get out there! But maybe keep relating to people if you want.

  3. Thanks for this, Bas! I have been dealing with demons for a long time. No books have helped. I’m trying to concentrate on Jesus but its hard sometimes. Thanx for the advice, I’ll try it!

  4. david sulewski says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are saying so much of what I have been thinking about for years in the church but because of my atheist back ground have been shot down when I present the questions. I love your site.

    • Bas Rijksen says

      David. So good to hear you’ve been helped and blessed by my teachings on the website here. Enjoy the GOOD NEWS of Christ and His finished work 🙂 Gr. Bas

  5. KJV: JAMES 1:13-15 Is To Christian believers
    Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of
    GOD, for God can not be tempted, with evil, neither he
    Tempted he any man.VS 14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn Away of his own lust, and enticed.
    VS 15 then when lust ( lust encompass any kind of sin) is conceived, it brings forth sin, and sin when it is finished, bring forth death. I understand the Legality and the authority point, but if you give the devil the keys to you car via sin, (Isaiah 59:2 Sin separates us from God). (Adam/eve gave the devil the keys,they had dominion Over, fish, fowl, cattle, and over all the earth Gen 1:26) they sinned.we know the result of their disobedience. 1 John 1:9 written to Christians all over Asia minor “If we confess our sins, he JESUS is faithful to forgive us our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (God’s Grace). Romans 6:15 Apostle Paul said, “what Then shall we sin because we are not under the law, but Rather under Grace, GOD Forbid. The world is watching how pastors,
    Minister etc ( the world for that matter) are falling like flies to sin, money, ect. The bible says to put trust in no man psalms 118:8. I do put all my trust in the lord. The bible says all my help comes from the LORD psalms 121:2.
    But also knowing the bible also say that we are to be helpers of one another 1 THESS 5:11, as you alluded to.
    With all do respect I do not hide under the bead, look for special remedies, nor special hankies. But I am aware of the wiles of the devil to get us to sin. Ephesians 6:12 say we wrestle not against flesh and blood, bur against pricipalities, powers, rules of the darkness of this world
    Against spiritual wickedness in high places. That’s why the bibles to watch as well as pray Matthew 26:41 that you will not enter into temptation, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Point being I Don’t want any one to take the devil
    And sin lightly. Sin is what got us in this mess in the first place. Concluding with Philippians 4:13 ” I can do all things
    Through CHRIST who strengthen me” IN CHRIST

  6. Wow. This is really a revelation for me. I’ve read the article very fast, because I’m gonna sleep very soon, but for now this makes me glad. I’ve the idea this gives me a key for a situation in my life I’m dealing with. And this key will be a solution.

    I will read the article very soon again!
    Thank you for posting.

    Glory to God!

  7. Lack of knowledge of the Truth. Not only hearer but a doer of the Word of God that leads to revelation of Jesus Christ by the Power of the Holy Spirit. It takes a heart desire of our spirit, soul and body to know Him. He is our real Treasure. Bless you in Christ Jesus.

  8. I didn’t read the whole post but I will, it is a great revulation. I would like to bring up a situation in the bible where the devil was given the authority from God to have anything he wanted from Job or connected to Job. Of course this didn’t happen because of sin but it did happen. He was still for God but He did give Satan authority until He said enough was enough and Job was restored more than he had before.

  9. I appreciate what you are doing and have enjoyed what I have read so far. I understand the concept you are communicating above regarding the devil having legal rights due to sin. One thing I have learned in ministry is that Satan has people bound by his own lies. In order for people to be more equipped with power to release the lie and replace it with “truth” we need to quote the scripture that backs up what we say. Otherwise, the enemy does not have to listen to the truth and release the people. I believe what you are saying is true and I find it very interesting, I would just like to see some scripture that supports you position. Thanks for your obedience and we need more people like you 😉

  10. You are absolutely right. This is how it is.
    Very good.

    I was just thinking: …(from things that happened)… ‘but I did not give permission!’
    And yes, we are His possesion and His only, it is written!

    You see, some people still think satan has entrance to God and asks permission like in Job. I think that is another myth!
    After the wonderful offer of Jesus satan lost that, he got kicked out. That means he cannot ask permission to God anymore. He has to ask US permission. That makes sense because to us is given authority. But he does not aks (ofcourse), he just takes. So we ought to go back to events, in prayer, and say clearly: I did not give permission for that!

    It is stolen, it is not even ours, it is God’s!

    Although we still do sins, we speak wrong words -and we must work on that- it still does not give permission, because one cannot just take permission without a ‘yes take it, it is yours’. And who of us says that to satan? No-one. He grabs ‘chances’, but they are still illegal!

    When my neighbour does not use something, I don’t grab her/his property thinking: he/she does not use it anyway. That is theft.

    When neighbours have budda’s in the garden, I cannot take my hammer and destroy it. It is not mine, I hate them, but they have payed for it, it is their property.

    And there are so many examples to give!

    But satan does all that kind of stuff, without shame. We must really stand up against this theft’s. Also the ones from the past.

  11. P.S.
    Not we are supposed to be stripped! the devil, he is stripped!! Kol 2:15

    He likes us to believe that we will be stripped more and more and turns it around.
    But we can/will turn that around.

  12. just wondering says

    One thing I have always wondered about is the situation with King Saul. The bible says an evil spirit from the Lord came and troubled him. He was quite disturbed and the evil spirit was the result of his disobedience. In the new testament there is Paul who was given a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of satan for some purpose. So, does God permit demonic torment for any reason for a new testament believer like he did with Saul, and how would you determine whether its a lie of the enemy thing or its a thing God has permitted?

  13. I agree with you in principal despite all the teaching to the contrary I have had. However, I was wondering if you would address the parable of the unforgiving servant in Matt 18:21-35, where God will turn us over to the torturers if we do not forgive from the heart. I don’t intentionally harbor unforgiveness, but it creeps in without me realizing it and also repressed anger I don’t even know is there until it surfaces. It has caused me all kinds of spiritual havoc! Would appreciate your commenting on this and also doesn’t fear lead to oppression? Sure seems to with me…

    • Bas Rijksen says

      Hi Kat, I haven’t studied Matt. 18 myself, but here are some great articles on forgiveness from a Grace perspective:

      Fear comes from lies and thus fear can create any type of negative outcome, emotion or outlook on life. Also oppression has it roots in a lie/non-Biblical worldview or God, oneself or life.