3 Short Healing Testimonies on Video

We take Jesus' command “Go, heal the sick” at face value (Matt. 10:8). We're not left empty-handed to do what He told us to do. He gave us His own authority and power to heal the sick and deliver the oppressed. Laying hands on the sick is like putting jumper cables on a cars battery that needs a boost. Healing the sick is about allowing the … [Read more...]

Man Raised From the Dead: Anthony Yahle revives after 45 minutes

Lawrence Yahle refused to believe his dad was dead - and he was right. The 17-year-old Ohio resident rushed into his father Anthony's hospital room after doctors told him his dad could not be revived. "Dad, you're not going to die today," Lawrence said as he burst into the room. "Moments later," Anthony Yahle's heart monitor "showed signs of … [Read more...]