Grace Gaze

25 Simple Comparisons Between Law and Grace to Ensure Your Freedom (part 3/4)

Just as knowing the truth sets you free, lies keep you in bondage (John 8:32). In this post I'll share the next 25 comparisons between truth and lies. In other words, we talk about the difference between Grace-based thinking (truth) and Law-based thinking (lies) in order to walk in confidence and ensure our freedom in Christ. If we don't … [Read more...]

101 Reasons to go Wild with Your Untamed New Lover and Dump (the effects of) Your Outdated Demanding Husband (part 3/4)

If you hang on to the law as your guide, you can expect sin, guilt, and a whole lot of confusion. The law is ineffective to save us. It's ineffective to grow us. It's just plain ineffective for believers. First this explanation. The term “Old Covenant” is not the equivalent of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is just a collection of 39 … [Read more...]