The Naked God

God the Father  sacrificed God the Son for a relationship with you.

There are no “right” ways to pray.  There are no steps to follow.  There are no spiritual techniques to employ.  There are no spiritual technologies that are guaranteed to work.  There is only  wrestling with Jesus, only  loving Jesus, Jesus and you hugonly our cry for help.

There are no means, techniques, rules, steps or procedures that insulate us from Him or that can make Him respond to us in the ways that we would like for the results that we desire.  There is only Jesus.

One thing that ministries often try to sell to us is that there is some secret or some procedure or some series of steps that will make Jesus somehow predictable, controllable, understandable or fit into a certain box that we are comfortable with.   There is no such thing.

Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb.  Jesus is the End and the Beginning.  Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life.  Jesus is wild and unpredictable. Jesus comforts in the smallest thing and also demands the highest sacrifice.

Prophetic ministries in particular will try to sell us that there is a new season, a new day, a new anointing (the anointing of the Holy Spirit gets old?), a new shift, a new generation, a new breakthrough.  That is a lie.

The only day in the Kingdom is resurrection day and that is now.  The only shift in the Kingdom is from the Old Covenant to the New and has been now since the coming of the Holy Spirit 2000 years ago.  The only new day is now and that has been the day of salvation since the age of the Apostles.

No event to come will bring you anything that has not been brought to you already by the death and resurrection of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Paul said he knew how to be abased and how to abound.  He knew how to be content with nothing and to rejoice in abundance. He never said he knew the seven steps to breakthrough, increased anointing or financial blessing.  He simple said that he longed for Jesus.

I know that Jesus is your pursuit and longing.  Maybe these few words will help you.  We are not failures because we do not see the answers to our prayers.  We only fail if we stop seeking Jesus.


This is a repost from Steve and Marilyn Hill over at HarvestNow.


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