What You Might Never Hear in Church About Intimacy with God (part 4/4)

Picture three identical people in a row. It’s like seeing triplets. They have the same looks, the same expressions, and even speak the same words together with the same intervals and tone. All three open their mouths simultaneously, and even though they all speak at the same time, a harmonious symphony of one crystal clear voice is conveyed. I tell you, this is beyond being natural. It’s supernatural.


I’m trying to give you an illustration of the Trinity. Three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and yet they’re one God. They’re look-a-likes. All three have the very same nature, same appearance and always speak heavens language using the same words in harmony because they are and function as one.

To get our mind around the concept of the Trinity I often draw a triangle and write in the corners: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the middle of the triangle we can write “relationship.”

The Trinity – God – IS a family of intimate relationship.

In who He is, God has always been relationship, He IS relationship and always will be relationship for all eternity. God didn’t create relationship; He IS relationship – three in one.

You can’t improve what’s perfect

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit never try to BE in relationship because they simply ARE relationship. Since you are one with Christ, having received His relationship with the Father you are always and forever placed into this perfect family of intimate relationship. You’ve become a partaker of the Trinity’s relationship! Everything that’s true a bout God’s relationship with God is true about your spiritual relationship with Him. Wow, let that sink in deeply.

Because God’s relationship with God is perfect, your relationship with Him is perfect. What is perfect can’t be improved upon, therefore you will never be able to improve or better your spiritual relationship with God. Why? The same quality of relationship Jesus’ has with the Father is yours too! You’re invited to rest in God’s work in Jesus, not to strive to improve upon the relationship.

You are intimacy: as your identity

Likewise, the Trinity never tries to be intimate with one another, because they simply ARE intimacy – as their identity. Just as God’s identity is intimacy yours is too. In Christ, you are intimacy! You don’t try to become more intimate with your Lover, because you already are intimate with Him.

The quality of intimacy the Father, Son and Holy Spirit enjoy is the same quality of intimacy you’ve been placed into.

God’s intimacy is your intimacy with Him.

Just as Jesus can’t be more intimate with the Father, so you can’t become more intimate with Him!

Certainly, you are created to experience intimacy, that is to feel the pleasure of His love. But to experience intimacy with God does not come with the mindset of:

• I need to be intimate.
• I have to be intimate.
• I must be intimate.

Performance mentality: “If I do, then…”

Smells like fleshly striving doesn’t it? It’s performance-driven: “If I do, then I’ll be.” “If I do these things, then I’ll be intimate with God” NO! Experiencing intimacy does not come by “pressing in” really hard. Rather it comes from realizing you’re the one that’s been pressed into!

Seeing that you already are intimate with God because of Jesus causes you to experience intimacy. In other words, you think much upon your Father’s enjoyment and intimacy with Jesus – which is His enjoyment and intimacy with you – is to experience intimacy as an automatic response in your heart.

Where religion makes you self-conscious, “You need to be intimate with God. Make sure you never miss a quit time,” Grace makes you Christ-conscious and says, “Look to Christ. The intimacy issue is settled from His side. Rest in His finished work!” If you are already intimate with your Lover, you stop trying to be more intimate with Him and start resting in the fact that you are married to Mr. intimacy.

How will this truth help you?

To realize that your Grace walk isn’t about your relationship with God, but actually about Jesus’ relationship with God takes a burden of your shoulders for you to try to be more intimate with your heavenly Father and puts the responsibility on Jesus’ shoulders. All you have to do is to keep turning your attention to Jesus, think much upon His relationship with the Father and simply thank Him for who He is. And as a result you’ll experience the bliss of intimacy in your soul, as you drink deeply from the Grace cup of intimacy.

Enjoy being intimate.


  1. JelteCatharina van Dijk says

    Whahaha! ..realizing you’re the one that’s being pressed into! love it


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