Why you don’t have to be afraid of God’s pruning (video)


Why you don't have to be afraid of God's pruning

Photo credit: cotter.t

In this short video you hear why you don’t have to be afraid of God’s pruning.

This will help you to be at peace in your heart and allow God to prune you as the real meaning of “pruning” is explained.

Earlier I’ve posted the same message, but in text form. If you want to read it click here.


  1. te gek Bas goed onderwerp en duidelijk. be blessed oja dat was je al efeziërs 1:3 🙂

  2. Hee bas, als Wouter 2 ben ik het volledig eens met wat mijn zeergewaardeerde naamgenoot gepost heeft, Blessings uit lieflijk Holendrecht.


  1. […] Pruning means to cleanse. It is to have your mind cleansed (or renewed) from a law-mentality that says, “I need to try to become clean, holy and Christ-like.” Pruning is to receive revelation that you already are clean and to allow your Christ-like identity to shine forth. […]

  2. […] Divine Slot Machine, then God must come over the bridge and give me what I ask or what I need.” God doesn’t reward your fleshly sweating and striving. He’s already rewarded you by giving you Jesus! Jesus is your […]