You Don’t Need to Be a Superstar Christian to Heal the Sick

HealingYou don’t need to be a superstar Christian to heal the sick! It is the right and privilege of every believer.

You might not have been trained how to heal people in Jesus’ Name or maybe never laid hands on people and see them set free but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to act on the Words of Jesus: “Go, heal the sick” (Matt.10:8). Doing the Father’s will means to act upon the Word.

To know the will of God, read the Word. To be led by the Spirit, do the Word – Lester Sumrall

Does the Word really work?

I’ve been a Christian for almost 12 years. Sometimes I would lay my hands on the sick and quickly say some spiritual sounding words hoping something would occur. But I didn’t see the results I hoped to have. In those years, I am not aware of one instance where something significant took place where someone got healed or delivered.

Does the Word really work? Mark 16:17-18 plainly says, “These signs shall follow those who believe: they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall – not maybe! – recover.

Deep down, however, I didn’t have a rock solid assurance that sickness would go as I ‘stepped out.’ What I practised was mostly wishful thinking combined with faithless prayers because I lacked assurance about God’s will regarding healing. And that, my friend, does not bring results.

In the “charismatic circles” I would hear speakers give testimonies about miracles, signs and wonders that happened through their laying on of hands and such. This left me with the idea that healing is only for a select few – the super saints, people who are mature in all areas of life, who have it all together and live an unusual holy lifestyle.

 I want to see healing and miracles to but I guess it’s just for a select few who have a special calling and ministry to do the supernatural works of God.

Miracles Crusades

crusade_crowdsThis one-man-only-on-the-stage-with-the-microphone-talking-and-doing-miracle-stuff idea was strengthened by some teaching material I was given just when I was born again. It was stacks of video cassettes (played by VCR’s, remember?) of miracles crusades with Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonnke and Kathryn Kuhlman. Talking about a one-person-show with thousands – sometimes millions – more or less passive spectators.

Let me be clear. I am not against any of these people or these type of events! They’ve blessed countless people, including myself. While crunching away bags of chips, I was very much built up by seeing people healed from the most crippling and life-threatening diseases.

Yet, I was also still a spectator. I didn’t lack desire to be used by God to set people free. It was just that there wasn’t anybody who I could imitate and learn from to do this “supernatural stuff.” That is where the problem lies for many of us – we don’t have a role model to follow. Someone who walks the talk. Someone who says, “come, I’ll show you” while gently pushing you to do the same until healing the sick isn’t an event but a lifestyle!

From Spectator to Practitioner

A combination of two things helped me to start to become a practitioner instead of a spectator.

First, I read somewhere: “if there isn’t anybody doing what you should be doing, why wait for a mentor – start doing it and be a role model for others!”

Curry Blake

Second, I came across teaching from Curry Blake who’s the overseer of John G. Lake ministries. His simple, non-religious teaching gave me Gods perspective on the subject of healing and basically gave me a good kick in the butt to act upon the Word and not come up with any spiritual sounding excuses any more.

I got so pumped that I couldn’t help but to go out on the streets and lay hands on the sick. Did I tell you I’m an introvert by nature? Yes, a “rather-let-others-do the-talking-to-strangers” type guy. Guess what? I started to see God in me work through me. Some friends also got stocked by the same Bible truth.

People getting healed on a regular basis is now the norm. Not always full recovery, but we keep giving what we’ve freely received. The more you keep giving out the more you see happen. We just don’t quit.

If I can learn this ‘being naturally supernatural’ and practice the normal Christian lifestyle, certainly you can!

No matter where you are at in your walk, there is no condemnation- ever! We’re all learning. I do encourage you to stretch out to learn to do the impossible with God. Everything is possible for those who believe. You are a believer, therefore you can do the works of Jesus and greater!

I am excited to share that in the future I’ll be making a video-based training course on “How to Minister God’s Healing Power to the Sick.”

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  1. james mcguinness says

    Hi Bas
    I came to the Lord in 2008 and jumped straight into Church and TV Ministries and it left me so confused. I have been so miserable as everyone led me into Works and I missed viewing the scriptures through a Grace lens. Now that I’ve seen your youtube videos I can stop beating myself up. Thank you



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